Highlights Top Secret Adventure Book Club June 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Top Secret Adventures Club! by Highlights lets children explore the world, capture a villain, solve a mystery and still be home in time for dinner. Every kit sent to kids is like a world travel guide, puzzle challenge, and detective game all rolled into one. It is carefully designed to bring the wonders of the world right into your doorstep, one country at a time.

The first Adventure Kit will arrive within 2 to 4 weeks and then the subsequent kits are sent every three weeks for $15.95 per Adventure Kit, plus $2.98 for shipping and handling. The first kit will send a bonus World Map, Passport with Stickers, and Mission Tag Spy Ring FREE – no coupon code required, just use this link! They have flexible terms as you can cancel the subscription anytime if you are not satisfied and return shipment at their expense with a full refund.

The items in this pack will take us on expeditions even in the comforts of our home. It is a creative way for kids to learn about the world we share.

To give us a head start on our mission, they sent these bonus items for our first subscription box that can also be used for the future Adventure Kits. Please keep these for your future missions. We were missing the world map in ours but we didn’t feel we needed it to complete the mission so far so we used another map.

This is the sign that your kid is in on a top-secret mission. This is the official Mission Tag Spy Ring. You can put the keychain (and other future keychains) here as collectibles!

These stamps are so colorful like the countries they portray!

Our top secret passport! We can make our passports colorful by placing the stamps here after a successful exploration!

Look! We can even make our own Top Secret Agent nicknames!

Some travelers buy keychains in every country go to as a souvenir. Thankfully, the box will give us a keychain for every finished adventure! This month, we received a China keychain and it features a cute panda!

This will certainly look good on our Mission Tag Spy Ring.

The Top Secret Adventures Kit plus the bonuses!

This is case file Mayhem on the Mainland, sealed with a thumbprint that only you can open!

This is so exciting! Upon opening, you can have a peep of the mission card and villain cards.

There’s a beautiful print of two Chinese Dragons that fully covers the back of the case file.

So here’s what’s inside the pack. First, we crack the code in the mission assignment letter. Next, we dig up some clues in the challenging Puzzle Book and fact-packed Guidebook and then follow the acquired clues to complete the whole mission! They also provided the pictures of 6 people in question.

“Mission Inside” is equivalent to a really good invitation to an adventure.

Handle with care because this letter has the code for the entire mission.

Aren’t you feeling very Sherlock Holmes right now?

It’s a tri-fold paper!

So this is the mission that we should solve. The answers are right there but my kids are good about not peeking. This is a good exercise in decoding text when you don’t know all the words – your kids are learning educational standards! SHHH don’t tell! That’s the best secret!

This is our puzzle book and the second step to the mission! We will look for the clues here to find out the stolen item, the one who took it, and the place it was hidden.

I love the illustration! The cover features all the suspects and the cute panda.

So there’s the table of contents, directions, and a code cracker activity all on the first page!

Use the Villain Cards for reference in finding the hidden crooks in this picture.

Oh, look! I got one! He stands out with that outfit!

This page is teaching geography as well as the country’s history in form of a game. It’s a challenging one because it’s a maze puzzle and a riddle at the same time. For every question that you encounter, you have to find the answers on the Guidebook of China, the pages are indicated so it will be easier for you to know the answers. Take note how many are true and false because you have to solve the last riddle to move on.

The next activity tests your kids’ patience and their keen eyes to spot the details. It’s not a detective case if there’s no “finding the missing object” game, right? You can write the letters that are attached to the hidden objects on the blanks provided and decode. Follow the directions of what page you will read next and cross this place out.

This activity encourages the kids to analyze the situation and it also helps develop their problem solving skills.

They even promoted China’s festival and gave a little tidbit about a real place, Harbin. It’s like having a travel guide while playing a challenging coordination game!

Now, let’s see if the kids are as good at finding words as they are at finding objects.

The games keep getting better and better right? Now, this page has a “spot the difference” game. You will be able to find the right clue once you choose the right card that matches The Potala Palace.

This is like the maze activity from before, only it is more challenging and staged in a different place!

Another matching game and this time it’s about pandas!

Top Secret Tips are included in some of the activities to make it easier for the kids.

Test your memory or you can just turn the pages back for answers. You also have to study the Villain Cards for this Picture Perfect activity!

There are a lot of misleading clues so be careful in choosing because you might cross off the wrong thing. The next activity is in Taiwan, it’s a part of China but it is governed by an independent Chinese Nationalist government.

Now, we’re onto the last activity and it takes place in Hong Kong, a country once ruled by Great Britain but is now a part of China.

For every page accomplished, you will cross off anything that was indicated on the clue you’ve got until there’s one left. Those will surely answer the questions, “Who did it?” and “What was stolen?”

As you solve the puzzles, cross of different landmarks on the list. When you have only one left, you will know the answer.

If ever you are stuck in a rut, just go to page 31 for some help!

The Villain Cards are attached but can be easily torn using tear guides.

Each card has corresponding vital stats and criminal history at the back.

They can be separated and used for roleplays! These can be good collectibles also.

This is the Guidebook to China, which will help your kids to solve the puzzles in the activity book and can be a good reference guide for future schoolwork too! We were super duper impressed by this fact based cultural guide.

Your child will learn about the people, culture, history, even the terrain, and geography of the featured country. This will be expected to their next adventure books as well.

This spread features China highlighted on the world map.

More information about the country, like their currency and stamps are featured on another page.

The guidebook has real pictures of the country to immerse your kids in their culture and even lets you in on random deets about their everyday life like a real traveler would know. Has your child gone in depth about any country in school? I didn’t think so. Now’s your chance!

The guide has a lot of facts but told in a storytelling and conversational way to keep the kids inspired and away from boredom. The real pictures help to highlight the beauty of the country too!

Of course, a guide book about China wouldn’t be complete if there are no pandas!

This is the complete Adventure Kit! With the help of everything they provided and a whole lot of imagination, they indeed took us for a ride of fun and adventure! We’re missing the world map, though. It is supposed to be included as a bonus item in the first box.

The children are helping each other decode the hidden message.

They put the China sticker in the booklet’s corresponding space as a sign of accomplishment!

He found one suspect! This activity required the use of the villain cards.

He’s crossing off the innocent people from the suspect list as they finish the activity one by one.

He’s taking the time to read the booklet to answer the maze questions correctly. I absolutely flipped out over how this activity taught my first grader how to research the answer to a question. I was totally thrilled – this is a skill that can take begging, crying, and pleading, but he accomplished it easily with a little assistance. The answers weren’t obvious either – lots of reading happened here.

He found one letter! 6 more to go!

He crossed off the places where he couldn’t find the missing stolen item.

They think the character in the wheelchair, gave a legitimate clue! She is not guilty!

The suspect who had a bow was crossed off the list. This took a little thought – because we had to determine whether it meant a bow for arrows or a hair bow. The villain cards were consulted.

The kids are getting used to decoding mysteries by now!

Kids are naturally curious to mysteries (especially when you let them in on a secret), and they are fond of role plays. This box certainly used those things to make the style and the approach of this kit interesting. My kids wanted to crack the case as an adult would. I think this is a marvelous idea, involving the kids as the protagonist and the main character in the story so it becomes a personalized adventure. We can’t wait for the next one! Children can zoom through or take it step by step, and my kids have done both. We are so impressed with the cultural knowledge and solid academic skills this subscription imparted.

What do you think of Highlights Top Secret Adventure Book Club?

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