Frisky Fish July 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Frisky Fish is a monthly subscription that sends mini kits of aromatherapy, crystals, and other spiritual tools. The boxes are curated to “nurture spiritual seekers who want to find ways to bring rituals into their lives, create a sacred space and create each and everyday!” Each shipment comes with 3 to 4 full-sized products in elegantly designed boxes (I’ve been told they are updating the boxes so stay tuned!). Frisky Fish sends products that are vegan and cruelty free.

  • Items include: essential oils, crystals, palo santo, jewelery and other spiritual tools
  • Free Shipping
  • Packaging features original artwork by local independent designers and artists
  • Packaged Beautifully. Perfect for gift giving (to yourself or someone you love).
  • Eco-friendly boxes made from 100% post recycled material and 100% recycleable.

DEAL: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code FRISKY10.

So cute! The box is about the size of a standard ink pad.

The contents were listed on a card. It listed the theme, element, and chakra of the month.

Some of the items were packed separately in their own little pouches to keep mess to a minimum.

Chill Roll-On ($14) I love peppermint anything and this bottle has both mint and lavender essential oils in a base of coconut oil.

You’ll find yourself reaching for this sweet little bottle of CHILL every time you have a headache, insect bite, sore muscle or are just feeling a little stressed.

Just roll it on when you need a bit of pep or use it to treat minor skin irritations.

I found a fabric pouch in the box. Inside I found the Chakra Set for Creativity.

There was a cool blue card inside.

The back of the card listed the stones sent this month and what they can be used for.

Oohh, they are just so pretty!

Amethyst heals and balances your body and chakras. You can place it under your pillow to help you sleep well and encourage good dreams, or place it directly over the third eye during meditation or hold it in your hand to draw energy into your body.

Blue Kyanite may help repair damaged relationships and like the amethyst, it heals and balances energy. It may help open the third eye which is pretty amazing but it also brings all the other chakras together. Place it on your heart chakra while meditating to clear negative energy.

Citrine is one of only two stones that do not need to be cleansed; the other one is blue kyanite! It may help dispel negative energy. It can be placed on the third eye chakra, just like the other two stones.

I certainly have some energy blockages and I plan on using my crystals to see if I can have a breakthrough.

Mini Lavender & Sage Smudge Stick (find similar here) was wrapped up to keep it from breaking apart all over the box.

I am going to guess that this is made with just sage and lavender and I haven’t used it for smudging yet because it smells so good just as it is! To smudge you simply light it with a match or gas flame from the stove and then let it burn for a few seconds before blowing it out. It will get real smokey and you can walk around the house and “clean” your rooms of negative energy or just enjoy the smokey incense-like scent. I don’t have a smudging bowl (abalone shells are popular for this use) but I make sure to carry a ceramic bowl or plate underneath the smudge stick to keep it from falling onto the floor as I walk around.

This was my second Frisky Fish box and I am just really pleased with this subscription! The rollerball scent is all-natural and simple, and since it’s subtle I can apply it as often as I like. I was happy with my new crystals and plan on using the smudge stick soon. This is a monthly reminder to stop and take care of my spiritual self and to relax and renew my focus with the crystals.

What do you think of this month’s Frisky Fish box?

Visit Frisky Fish to subscribe or find out more!


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