Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month June 2018 Box Review + Coupon!

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The FCS of the Month Club is a monthly subscription from Fortune Cookie Soap that features full-sized products including past scents making a revival, current releases, and at least one brand new product. The box is $28 a month and shipping is calculated at check out based on your location.

We didn’t choose the soap life, the soap life chose us

Hello box makeover! Love the new custom look!

DEAL: Save $6.95 shipping fee for your first month! Use coupon code FIRSTFCSBOX.

We are welcomed by the pamphlet and a hot pink tissue paper upon opening the box.

Some of the items are also bubble wrapped.

The June’s theme is the 80’s!

Information about the individual items is listed in this booklet.

It has the images and their corresponding retail price (this is new!).

Each featured item is thoroughly discussed. There’s a description, as well as usage instructions, and a list of ingredients used.

I find this booklet interesting and really informative, plus it really gets you into the theme!

Everything in this month’s box!

Mixtape Body Glowtion ($14.99) A mix of our favorite things (hence the name), this is a made up of a hydrating lotion and a highlighter. It also contains watermelon, florals, and coconut that promise to make us radiant all summer. A little goes a long way in giving your skin an illuminating shimmer and a sunkissed glow. Yum yum! You can also add this to foundation, lotions, etc for a more subtle glow.

FCS Vice Cooling Aloe Mist ($9.99) It’s a lightweight cooling aloe mist with coconut oil and scents of Miami mojitos, sugared papaya, and casaba melon. Aside from the lovely scent, it also offers hydration and healing if you’ve overdone it in the sun.

Totally Rad Facial Cleansing Oil ($16.99) This formula combines sunflower oil, which helps in retaining moisture, and antioxidants that help in skin regeneration while fighting acne-causing bacteria. You only need a small amount of this cleansing oil for each use. Massage it on your face, rinse, and gently pat dry. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue and it smells great too.

Danger Zone It’s A Doodie! Toilet Spray ($9.99)  ? It’s a spray for doodies!  ?It forms a scent layer on top of your “business” that traps the unwanted smell and prevents it from diffusing out. Just shake the bottle and spray it two times into the toilet bowl before you go. It has strong notes of peach melba, sugar musk, and black cherry. This is a lifesaver! It works just like Poo-Pourri but I think the FCS ones are way more fun and smell better.

Permed & Tease Argan Hair Shine Serum ($8.99) It’s a serum that targets damaged hair. It has a lightweight formula that provides frizz-free shine without getting oily. Argan oil, the heart of this product, is rich in fatty acids that can restore the moisture and keep your strands nourished. The serum smells of sweet pea with a base of nectarine. You can work it on damp hair, concentrating on the ends. You can also use other styling products together with this. This really wasn’t for me and my fine hair, so I tucked it in my bestie’s birthday box.

Billie Jean Perfume ($7.99) It is a vegan handcrafted perfume oil with scents of mandarin zest, birchwood, and vanilla. Apply to pressure points and gently dab together to enjoy the long-wearing signature scent for the day. This is a perfect fit for purses and for quick dabs. And who wouldn’t love the name?

Life Is Delicious Lip Scrub ($9.99) This lip scrub looks super yummy and it’s full to the brim! Exfoliation is the key to a long-lasting lipstick and for better penetration of lip balms. You slough off the top layer as you spread this and expose soft lips after. It is a delicious pure sugar cane with a taste of ripe strawberries.

I love that they gave us 7 products that are unique and innovative including a potty spray! They all smell good and they work efficiently too. It’s all about the danger zone, Michael Jackson, and teasing of hair in the 80’s. All the references were on point and the packaging really followed the theme too. It gives me the nostalgia of that era. The box is creative and a work of passion. They gave us variety, and the curation is well thought out. Several of the items (the shimmer lotion and the aloe) are even better if you keep them in the fridge!

What do you think of this month’s FCS The Soap Box?

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  • cyclicalconsumer

    Omg the bathroom spray is a lifesaver in our house. I think as usual they did a great job of making the theme cohesive and fun. The items that aren’t for me are always great for friends too.