Brick Loot June 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box filled with LEGO-compatible items, bricks, and brick building accessories for LEGO fans. Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

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This month’s theme is BRICKASAURUS WORLD!

The card gives a little description of expected items in the box.

Everything inside the box!

Jurassic Park Minifigure Sticker Sheet. This sticker sheet features the Lego version of each character in the Jurassic Park franchise! Do I need an Ian Malcom minifig? Yes, yes I do!

Dino Smuggler Custom Pad Printed 100% Lego Minifigure. It’s a Dennis Nedry mini-figure!

Dennis Nedry, a computer programmer at the park, accepted Biosyn’s offer to smuggle Dino embryos off the island for money.

The figure captured Nedry’s look, that’s cool detailing considering this is a small figure! Don’t like his attire on this one? You can use the sticker sheet to give him a new look!

He’s holding the Barbasol can that contains the smuggled dinosaur embryos!

Velociraptor Exclusive 100% Lego Build Designed By Aaron Newman. We can see how talented Aaron does brick designs with this fantastically-detailed, exclusive build that is the Raptor!

It comes with an instruction sheet to easily build the dino masterpiece.

Just 11 steps and this cool figure is ready for play or display.

The Raptors played a good part in the Jurassic franchise, as they are one of the cleverest dinosaurs to ever exist!

Dinosaur Eggs. We got a set of Dino eggs that are about to hatch!

Pterosaur The Pterosaur is the first flying reptile during the Mesozoic Era, having their wings formed by a membrane of skin, muscle, and other tissues stretching from the legs to a dramatically lengthened fourth finger.

There’s quite a lot of parts to build this flying dino!

Even if there are lots of pieces to attach, the process is easy to follow. Look! The body of the Pterosaur is almost complete!

Here’s the Pterosaur, ready for its first flight!

We put it on a clear base so it looks like it’s flying (more of levitating).

It’s impressive that the figure can stand on its own!

Parasaurolophus The next one to hatch is a duck-billed dino!

The parts always look overwhelming but looking at the instruction sheets, building them is actually easier done than what it seems!

One of the stunning features of this breed is the crest on its head, that this figure also proudly included and showed!

Tyrannosaurus Rex And last but not the least is one of the star Dinos of the park… The T-Rex!

The T-Rex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex, is the most famous attraction of the parks, from Jurassic Park up to what is known now as the Jurassic World.

The T-Rex is now in captivity so there’s no need to worry, but what do we know if it gets to roam freely again? Actually, they’re really solitary animals!

Just in time for Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, this set of cool bricks brought a load of fun! It’s an easy favorite for us. The dinos are easy builds but they’re as ferocious as their film counterparts and we definitely enjoyed building them. The sticker sheet can be used to make other characters from other figures that we have too. The dino figures have lots of small parts but we were surprised that they are really easy to assemble. This is a great subscription for LEGO fans and those who just love to easily build their own figures. This is really a solid box! We love the eggs too!

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