Barkbox July 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box just for dogs. Each box has 4-6 dog products and is customized to the size of your pup, plus it has a cute theme that you and your dog will get a kick out of.

This Barkbox is for small dogs like our miniature schnauzers, Lindy and Dean, but you can get them for medium and large dogs too. Check out our Barkbox reviews for a peek at the big dog boxes! NEW: the heavy chewer box!

DEAL: You can get a $10 credit to the Barkshop with your Barkbox subscription with promo code MS10X1213. 

For this box, a dog adventure comic is included!

The theme of this month’s box was BARK VS. TOXICRITTERS! And the comic stars DEAN!

The back of the comics served as the info card and it features photos of some of the items you can find in the box every month.

The Toxicritters are the ne’er-do-well that our hero dog must defeat.

The comic is cool! It provided spaces where you can write your dog’s name as he’s the hero of the story.

Meet some of the diabolical toys in this month’s collection, as there are pages dedicated to them.

BarkBox always does a great job of making the box decor, treat and toy selections fit the theme. This month’s custom paper the Toxicritters on one side…

The other side features some epic fight scenes between the Barks and the Toxicritters, complete with SFX.

Everything in this month’s box!

Bark Toxicritters The Shellacker Plushie ($12) It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO! It’s a flying turtle!?!

The Shellacker can fly fast when you fling her disc-shaped hovercraft.

The toy has a soft t-shirt rope, shreddable fluff, ballistic nylon rockets, and a spiky ball core that the dog can romp and chomp on!

Well, if your Bark dog can flip it over, it’s done and the Barks will win the fight against it. It also got a hidden bonus toy!

Bark Toxicritters Smell Raiser ($12) A skunk that’s got a lot of junk? It’s the Smell Raiser!

It’s fluffy tail got some squeaky stink bombs that are ready to blow, so keep an eye on that (just cover your nose).

This 8-inch toy has a tearable hair on its tail.

Stuffed with squeakers and crazy crinkle, Smell Raiser is another toy that your dog can shred!

Bark Mighty Mutt’s Amaze-O Quacks Duck Dog Treats – The Amaze-O Quacks duck dog treats are grain-, wheat-, corn, and soy-free, but rich in protein!

The bite-sized crunch is well loved by our pups. They can’t get enough snacking on it.

These treats are made from freeze-dried, all-natural 100% duck. A one-ingredient wonderful dog treat!

Bark Chomp! Pork Dog Treats – Another shareable dog treat we got is this bag of pork treats!

Barkbox dogs will surely love this super healthy and delicious treat, fit for superhero dogs.

Aside from pork, these treats also contain fiber-loaded, protein enriched garbanzo beans, and molasses which is a nutritious and all-natural sweetener. These ingredients make the treats tasty but gentle on the pup’s stomach.

One more thing, it’s made in the USA. It’s really a champ chomp!

Caledon Farm Plaque Busters ($3.67) It is a great way to help clean your pups’ teeth while giving them vitamins and an enjoyable, delicious snack!

The plaque busters have the perfect combination of delicious sweet potato mixed with ground oyster, with dried citrus pulp and coconut oil.

Dogs chewing promotes good oral hygiene, plus it’ll be a really enjoyable routine for them if the plaque busters are these good and nutritious.

Dean looks like a winner dog here, and the Toxicritters have no chance with him. As a reward, he’ll not only get to chomp and rip off his opponents but enjoy the bags of treats too!

I can tell that my pups really had fun beating the Toxicritters up! The BarkBox theme this month is fantastic and it fits our pups really well. The treats were all fantastic and the dogs love everything. It’s a good thing they included plaque busters so we can really take good care of our pups’ teeth and oral hygiene. They enjoyed the bite-sized duck crunch too, while the pack of pork chomps is already empty as of this writing. Barkbox is really a creative subscription that we truly love and we’ll never get tired of receiving fantastic toys and treats from them. The subscription even allows subscribers to customize depending on the dog’s size to get the toys and treats that suit your dog best. It’s really one of the single best-curated subscriptions around!

What did you think of Barkbox this month?

Visit Barkbox to subscribe or find out more!


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