YumeTwins June 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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YumeTwins is a monthly Kawaii subscription brought to you by the same people behind TokyoTreat. Every month, you’ll receive an assortment of super cute and adorable kawaii products from Japan which might include accessories, plushies, figures, keychains, stationeries, and other collectibles. All items are licensed merchandise from popular Japanese brands. The box is $35 per month.

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Excited to dig in!

The theme for this box is Cinnamoment.

Here’s a short overview of this month’s theme and what to expect from the box.

Inside the magazine is a list of items with pictures and brief descriptions.

This month’s featured item is the Ice Cream Kuritaro Puffy Stickers!

The magazine also features an art corner, which you can color to your heart’s desire. You can also take a photo of it with your YumeTwins box for this month’s photo contest.

We always look forward to the Kawaii Culture section of the magazine too. This time, it features the Kawaii Q Posket Figures which are Disney princesses in their kawaii form!

Everything in the June 2018 YumeTwins Box!

Ice Cream Kuritaro Puffy Stickers.

This month’s featured items are these super cute Ice Cream Kuritaro Puffy Stickers. Puffy stickers are incredibly popular throughout Japan as they are perfect to personalize items that are important to you, like photo albums, scrapbooks, journals, and more! Smells are also very important when associating memories to emotions, so these have a sweet smell to ensure that a smile is brought to your face everytime you use these stickers.

The back of the sticker pack shows how you can attach the stickers to your notebook, book, gadgets, and the like. Time for a little decorating with my items to make them more personalized with kawaii stickers!

Have you ever seen so much cuteness in one sticker sheet? These ice cream puffy stickers even come in various ice cream forms. Some are wearing ice cream cones, some are in ice cream cups and tubs. The ice cream comes in different colors too, just to add a little flavor to the design.

These are the puffiest I’ve ever seen!

What’s great about these puffy stickers is that they come in different sizes and shapes. There are some stickers that have additional jewels to them to make them extra shiny. It’s really a nice touch.

Rilakkuma Fragrance Clip. Featuring the face of Rilakkuma the bear, this fragrance clip smells like honey lemon and can be used for organizing paper and other stationery items.

It’s really kawaii! Subscribers will receive 1 out of 3 available Rilakkuma character designs.

At the back is a large yellow clip that makes it easier for you to attach it wherever you want to.

3 Piece Animal Food Clip Set. Another kawaii and practical item in the box is this animal clip set. You can use these to keep your food packs sealed properly.

The set features a bear, a panda, and a cute pink pig.

You can use the markers to set what date you opened the pack!

 I find these sliders handy especially when it comes to clipping smaller sachets or packs.

There is no denying that the faces of these animal food clips are eye-catching.

These clips are easy to open and clip on as needed. The sliders can be moved to suit the wrapper or packet that you want to seal. They’re great for sealing bags of chips too!

Water Manju Squishy. Squishies offer never-ending fun! The box includes a water manju squishy which you can push and pull in any way you like to release some stress.

According to YumeTwins, a water manju is a translucent mochi dessert in Japan. This squishy isn’t edible, but it looks exactly like those treats!

The box shows all the available designs of the manju squishy. Subscribers will get 1 out of 8 designs.

I got the bunny water squishy and it comes with its own plate.

It’s fluffy and really squeezable, a kawaii addition to any work or study desk!

Shining Clear Case. Doraemon is a robot cat and a popular anime character in Japan. He is featured on the cover of the clear case which also shares some tidbits about him.

This clear case comes in handy for storing small items like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and the like.

On one side of the clear case are images of Doraemon and the reason why he hates mice. Apparently, he hates them because they bit his ears off! How sad! He still looks cute though, and this clear case makes it easier to organize my personal things.

This clear case is roomy enough, and because it is a clear case, I can easily what stuff I put inside it.

Cinnamoroll Roll Plushie. It’s the third and final plushie in the Sanrio plushie series from YumeTwins! Cinnamoroll looks fluffy and adorable as always. It has blue eyes, a cute smile, and a pink flush on the cheeks!

Cinnamoroll has a cute white tail too!

It can be stacked together with the past two Sanrio roll plushies from this subscription.

This month’s YumeTwins theme is all about keeping fun memories! It’s a perfect theme, especially as summer approaches. The Doraemon clear case will be great for keeping mementos, while the stickers can make your summer scrapbook look more beautiful. Of course, there’s the Cinnamoroll plushie to keep us company during summer travels too. The rest of the items is just as cute and useful. The best thing about this subscription is that it’s not just for kids, it’s for anyone who would love to have a dose of kawaii every month!

What do you think of YumeTwins this month?

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