Yumble Kids May 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupons!

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Yumble is a weekly meal subscription service for kids. They deliver pre-prepared meals suited to the specific tastes, nutritional needs, and portion size requirements of children. To make things more fun, they also include activities in each box! All the meals are pre-cooked and need either minimal heating, or no heating at all. You can customize exactly what meals you receive, or have Yumble just automatically send meals. Yumble meals are designed to be healthier versions of “kid food” and Yumble claims if your child is exposed to at least two weeks of Yumble food, they’ll pretty much get used to it.

Yumble offers meal plans with six, twelve, and twenty four meals per week – this is a review of the 12-meal per week box! Individual meals range from $6.99 to $7.99, and shipping is always free!

To keep the meals fresh, they ship it in an insulated box with frozen gel packs. There was plenty of ice to keep everything cold.

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There is insulation to keep everything cold.

Everything in the box!

Every week, the box has a fun pack that has coloring activities and other fun items inside.

The contents of the fun pack!

The Yumble Coins can be used to rewards the kids for their good behavior. From the Yumble guide:

As their collection grows they will gain a sense of pride. Be sure to set clear goals so they know what they have to do as they earn their coins.

These are Yumble Kids collectible cards. You can collect up to 100 cards with different designs. They give us 2 cards for every box.

We can use them for games and trivia!

My kids love coloring and these coloring sheets will surely keep them busy!

Tips and tricks to have the best Yumble Kids experience are indicated on this card.

Moving on to the pre-packed meals, I love the idea that there are different food options offered. 12 meals per week is ideal for 1-2 kids.

We still got everything individually packaged in cardboard wraps and I appreciate the hole for the labels to be seen. But it is definitely plain this month because last time I remembered the cardboard wraps had colorful comic characters on them.

Holy Moly Ravioli – Cheese Ravioli with Dark Chocolate Pretzels and Dried Apricots. The ravioli is topped with homemade fresh tomato sauce. Paired with a side of dried apricots and chocolate dipped pretzels, it makes such a filling meal. It’s also great source of calcium and protein.

You can take out the pretzels and dried apricots before heating the ravioli. Last time, the sauce was in a separate container, but now it’s mixed with the ravioli.

Chicken Nuggets with Fresh Corn Kernels and Edamame, Clean Ketchup, and Pretzels The healthy chicken nuggets were a hit last time, so we ordered them again. This is served with edamame fresh corn kernels, crunchy pretzels, and clean ketchup.

The nuggets are made from the white meat of chicken breasts lightly coated with homemade chips. Even the ketchup is healthy, as they took away the bad part (corn syrup) so you won’t feel guilty on extra dips. It is a heavy meal for the kids and perfect for lunch!

Taco-rific with Spanish Rice, Fresh Corn Kernels, and Steamed Green Beans This meal is free from dairy, egg, and gluten. The taco meat is preservative free, simmered in a homemade blend of spices.

It is packaged well! The taco meat is still separated from the (antioxidants and nutrients-filled) Spanish rice! It has a side of fresh corn kernels and lightly steamed green beans. This is delicious!!! My husband and I were all like kids… if you don’t eat it… we will!

Ham & Swiss Panini with Chocolate Pretzels and Dried Apples They aim to give us a perfect sandwich so they freshly baked the naan bread and paired it with soft dried apples and chocolate pretzels to give it a sweet twist.

This meal is egg free. You can take out the dried fruits and pretzels before heating. You can even use this black tray on a cookie sheet and warm for 8-10 minutes.

Ham and cheese is a no-fail combination. The kids love it!

Cheeseburger Empanada with Loaded Mashed Potatoes The empanada is served with loaded mashed creamy potatoes topped with cheddar cheese and all natural bacon bits.

It is just a normal looking empanada but it bursts of cheeseburger flavor. The dough is whole wheat and the meat is hormone free and antibiotic free, simmered to a homemade blend of spices to make it super tasty. Even the cheese for the filling is natural and preservative free. It is heavy as it is tasty! It’s just ridiculously good.

Protein Pack – Naan Triangles with Cheese Cubes, Steamed Shelled Edamame Beans, and 2 Protein Poppers The heart of the meal are the sweet protein poppers. These are high protein raw oat balls packed with grains and healthy fats. It is paired with cheddar cheese cubes, freshly baked naan, and edamame.

Just by looking at it, this meal means business. They were a bit overwhelmed by the number of greens in there but this is actually perfect for active kids having a big appetite. It can be good protein booster!

Munch A Lunch – Pepperoni and Cheese Slices with Naan Triangles, Dried Cranberries, and Avocado Chips They maintain a balanced meal with all natural pepperoni and cheese slices neatly stacked together paired with tasty and freshly baked naan. It also has avocado chips for crunch and dried cranberries for a sweet finish!

My kids love their version of charcuterie! It can be enjoyed anytime anywhere, as it is a ready to eat, no need to heat meal!

Pizza-licious with Chocolate-Covered Pretzels and Dried Apples Who doesn’t like pizza? This meal is joined by pretzels and dried apples on the side. They are easy to eat, no mess and delicious! Ingredients of pizza include fresh tomato sauce and natural mozzarella cheese on a homemade naan style grilled bread.

Chicken Pops! with Orzo and Peas The kids loved the chicken pops! It’s chicken rolled in whole wheat panko crumbs and baked to perfection. It works to any sauce we have from ketchup to honey mustard. Paired with yummy orzo and peas with extra virgin coconut oil, this is definitely a fun alternative to those frozen chicken nuggets.

Some of these meals can be considered as guilty pleasures, and it is good to know that Yumble Kids made a way for them to be healthy and enjoyable. The subscription continues to prove that a healthy diet is not necessarily boring. They have a wide selection of meals and they sure know how to keep it exciting for the kids. We noticed that the cardboard wraps are simpler now. Last time, they made an impression on the kids because we’re able to make masks out of them. Nonetheless, Yumble Kids did a good job because everything still came fresh and tasty! We were able to use all the coloring sheets to keep our 3 year old busy. I do have the same complaints as I did before – why pair chocolate pretzels and dried fruit? But I’ll have to just put up with it until they adjust their menus. I’m going to be totally honest – if you’re an adult pieckier eater and these meals look good, this is an amazing healthy lunch subscription for adults, too. I would totally take any of these for lunch!

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