Wow Box Fun & Tasty June 2018 Subscription Box Review

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WOW Box is a Japanese candy subscription coming right from Japan! For only $24.99 (Regular) or $34.99 (Large) a month, you can enjoy Japanese sweets  and snacks delivered to your door every month. WOW Box did some restructuring of the subscription model last year. WOW Box no longer sends out printed information cards, but product information is available on their website.

This is a review of the Fun & Tasty box. (Despite what the sticker on the box says!)

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First peek inside the box!

Umai Wa Cheese Rings — You know how I love umaibo, the giant corn snacks… these are umaibo in small curled chip format! And they sent me CHEESE ones, my fave! These are just as crunchy and yummy as the full-size umaibo, but easier to snack on.

Country Mam Lemon Cheese Cookies — A whole package of Country Mam cookies! These are lemon cheesecake flavoured cookies with chocolate chips. And Japanese cheesecake has an actual cheese flavour, which is a bit strange at first but they are so yummy. The lemon really works well with the savoury flavour.

The cookies are individually wrapped.

Choco Mint Caramel Corn — This isn’t caramel corn like popcorn, but rather corn curls that are flavoured with sugary sweet toppings. This is a mint chocolate flavour. I think these snacks are REALLY sweet and you only need a few to satisfy a sugary craving.

BBQ Snacks — Calbee makes awesome snacks and these BBQ flavoured waffle chips are no exception to that rule. They were salty, savoury, and light and crunchy.

Sour Cream Rice Crackers — A new fave for me, these are crunchy rice crackers with a sour cream and onion flavour.

Banana Cookies — Sadly these didn’t survive the trip, and arrived in a melted blob. They were still really yummy, with that artificial banana flavour that is weirdly delicious.

Teriyaki Umaibo — A classic flavour.

Cinnamon Apple Umaibo — OMG a sugary umaibo?! I know there’s a sugar one but this is a cinnamon apple pie one and it’s amazing. It’s super limited edition and only sold in Tokyo!

Corn Potage Umaibo — Another classic umaibo flavour. It really does taste like corn.

Fruity Caramels — Chewy, taffy caramels with a fruity flavour. These reminded me more of Starbursts.

Shimi Choco Corn Sticks — Another classic corn snack, but this one is made of chocolate and is really delicious. I love seeing this snack pop up in boxes!

Funyarich Grape Candy — A super soft and stretchy taffy candy with an addicting grape flavour.

Pure Lime Soda Gummy — Adorable lime flavoured gummies. If you find the rare star gummy, you win a prize! Sadly my bag only had hearts… but they were tasty!

it was fun reviewing another WOW Box! I loved the different snacks they sent this month, and the crunchy savoury snacks are great for summer as they don’t melt. My faves had to be the lemon cheesecake cookies, all of the umaibo varieties, and those BBQ snacks — but everything was tasty!

Do you like Japanese snacks? What’s your favorite snack from this box?

Visit WOW Box to subscribe or find out more!


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