Whiskerbox May 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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WhiskerBox is a themed monthly cat subscription box that features artisanal luxury items for your kitty. Four items are included which can be “stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and one-of-a-kind treasures from around the world.” If your kitty is on a special diet then you can opt for non-edible items. A short profile is filled out at checkout including cat’s name, gender, weight, and if treats are to be included. WhiskerBox supports shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries with each box purchased. The luxury kitty box ships free to the United States and Canada.

First look!

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WhiskerBox sends toys, cat couture, treats, and specialty products each month.

The presentation was lovely with my items protected by blue paper squiggles.

Everything in the box! This is the first time that I have found items in here that are cat-themed but meant for a human.

The May theme was Chez Meow. My cats’ names were even listed on the card! I love a personal touch!

The Meow Menu is a cute information card set up as a menu. The prices reflect retail plus shipping because WhiskerBox includes products not available in local shops. The “Style” item now says it’s personalized to each box, and that item will have a value of $35. Notice that it has 6 items listed – subscribers will receive 4 out of the 6 items shown.

Fred & Friends Cat Egg Mold ($13.16) is a silicone egg mold that didn’t come with any instructions. In fact, I wouldn’t have known what it was for if it didn’t say it on the card! I think the idea is to separate the yolk from two eggs, place the yolks in the eye holes, and then pour the whites in the rest of the mold. I’ll give it to my older daughter to try out.

All For Paws Green Rush Tuna is a catnip-stuffed cat toy made with Canadian imported catnip.

Sunny sniffed at it but didn’t really play with it much.

Zoey and the shark tuna made kissy faces at each other.

KISS Ankle Socks (card says $15 but you can get the set of 5 pairs for $13.90 total) are really adorable! When you have the socks on your feet, the cat is looking up at you! The bottom of the socks is an oatmeal heather color.

They are made in Korea from a blend of cotton, polyester, and polyurethane (which I believe is spandex). They say size 24, 23-25cm. I looked for a conversion online and that is around a US woman’s size 6-8.

So cute!

Cat Couture Red Gingham Collar with Bow Tie (find a similar item here for dogs, $36) I am usually disappointed when I receive a beautiful collar and bow tie set for my cats from Whisker Box, because these items are actually meant for dogs.

See the metal buckle on the collar? It’s rather heavy for a cat’s delicate neck. It’s meant to be sturdy so that a dog won’t bolt when this is attached to a leash. Cats, on the other hand, usually need a breakaway collar since they get in tight situations and need it to come off quickly to avoid, say, hanging themselves on a fence. Stretchy collars are also acceptable. Plastic is also lightweight – compare a chihuahuas neck to a cats neck, they just aren’t the same.

It is adorable, I’ll give them that. I’ll pass this along to my friend for her pug.

I tried to put this on Sunny but the drama queen acted like I was trying to strangle her and fought back viciously. Zoey was much more patient.

My pretty kitty! I removed the collar after the pictures were done. Bick the Pug will look so handsome with this collar set!

As usual, I have mixed reviews about my monthly box! I liked the inclusion of cat socks, I think that was a cute touch. The egg mold would have been better if it had come with instructions. It came in a plastic bag with no information at all. The toy was acceptable and while the collar and bow set was cute, they were not appropriate for a cat. That is the item with the highest value in the box and I have to give it away.

What do you think of the May WhiskerBox? Let me know in the comments!

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WhiskerBox understands the needs of your cat because every single item is pawpicked by cats themselves.

Each WhiskerBox features stylish outfits, lifelike toys, and delectable treats, that can be personalized to your cat.

WhiskerBox is dedicated to improving cats lives nationwide. With every WhiskerBox purchased, catstomers directly support shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries.

Ships From US/CA to US/CA/UK/AUS/WW.
Shipping Free Shipping to the US, Canada, $15 International
99 per month

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