The Bookish Box May 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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The Book(ish) Box is a monthly subscription of literary inspired items. Every box contains a t-shirt and 3-4 other literary items. The Bookish Box now offers the option to have a YA book included in your box! When you sign up, you’ll have the option to select one of multiple box options.

This month’s theme is Broken Hearts Club. Each item in this box comes from a story that is heart related themed. I received 7 great items this month.

DEAL: You can save $3.50 on your first box with coupon code WELCOME or save 15% on your entire subscription with coupon code HELLO.

The first item in this month’s box is a new addition to the monthly box, a calendar set! Each month, the box will include the next month’s calendar. This box came with June’s calendar and it was designed by Hey Atlas Creative. I found them very useful and I like that each one is uniquely designed. This month’s calendar has a quote from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

My next item is a little something by The Bookish Shop. It is a package of coffee from Happenstance coffee. The coffee has been labeled with this month’s theme Broken Hearts Club. I like the packaging. I personally do not drink coffee but I do like the aroma. This one does have a nice aroma to it.  Do you enjoy coffee? I did pass this along to someone who will enjoy it.

My next item is a little something for lounging around the pool. It is a heart-shaped pool float for your drink by The Bookish Box. It will hold your can drinks and fits in well with this month’s theme. I will save this for my next read by poolside. Isn’t it adorable!

My next item is from The Bookish Box also. It is a Rose Gold Heart Necklace. It is absolutely adorable. A little small for me but I do love rose gold. It will look great with any summer outfit or be a great gift.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cookie, especially Oreos? My next item will definitely put you in the mood for some cookies. It is an Oreo scented candle by Spidey Scents. The candle is made with soy and smells delicious. I am afraid to light it up as it may make me turn into cookie fiend.

The next item in the box is a pin inspired by the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. This movie is a cult classic. The pin has a quote on it ” I burn, I pine.” I love this movie. My favorite scene was when Heath Ledger sang to Julia Stiles at the football field. I could relate to Julia Stiles character as I was the same way in school. What is your favorite scene? Which was your favorite character?

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend you watch it soon.

This month’s shirt was designed with inspiration Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

She burned too bright for this world.

If you are a book person then you may have spent half your life immersed in books. I find them a great way to escape reality.

I upgraded my box to include the book! This month’s book is Dating Disasters of Emma Nash by  Chloe Seager. this book is about a young girl and how she is trying to get over a guy who “ghosted” her and get back into dating. She even keeps a blog about it which ends up getting her to some trouble. I did finish the entire book as it was that entertaining. Every girl/woman can relate to Emma Nash, heartache of a break up, trying to get back in the game and just liking yourself again. I like the statement on the back cover so much I just had to share it with you.

Don’t forget about the monthly doodle by  It fits right in with this month’s theme. I haven’t colored mine just yet.

Well, thanks for reading my review. I am off to read more books. Keep reading and adding pages (and friends) to the story of your life.

Tell me what you thought about this month’s Bookish Box!

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