Rockets of Awesome Summer 2018 Subscription Box Review – Big Boys!

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Rockets of Awesome is a quarterly clothing and accessories personal styling subscription box for kids. Each season, you’ll get a box filled with high-quality, stylish and comfy clothes. There’s no styling fee – just pay for what you’d like to keep and return the rest.

Boxes are available for both boys and girls. In every box, you’ll get 8-12 pieces, all from the Rockets of Awesome brand.

Keep everything in the box for only $150! Discount applies automatically when you keep everything at checkout.

All the items inside the box are carefully wrapped in a silver wrapper to keep them from falling out or even getting damaged during shipping. My son felt that it was sent from outer space because of the silver wrapper. I love the idea too!

When you sign up you’ll answer a quick and easy quiz to help set your style preferences for your child. The box is filled with awesome clothes to the brim!

It seems that the people behind the Rockets of Awesome Laboratory are quite busy coming up with unique designs for their clothes. They even pull some jokes too!

You’ll receive a list of all the clothes that are included in the box as well as their retail price which, when added up, around $188 in total. Now if you get them all, you’ll be able to save an easy $38! Not bad, right?

An information sheet with the list of items and retail prices are also included inside the box. The marked out price is what you’ll pay individually; the bold price is the price per item calculated if you keep the entire box.

Everything in my Summer 2018 Rockets of Awesome Big Boys box!

Glow In The Dark Surf Board Tee ($22.50) Surfs up! This blue tee has an awesome print featuring a surfboard and its measurements. The best part? It’s glow in the dark!

Ombre Active Short ($22.50) Ombre looks good on this short! It’s a pull-on short so my son doesn’t have to fuss too much with buttons and zippers. This short is perfect for summer activities!

Turn off the lights and you’ll see how the graphics glow! My little guy loved it so much! It’s a serious glow!

Someone looks happy with his new summer outfit!

Cheeseburger UFO Tee ($22.50) This retro-inspired tee features a cheeseburger UFO. It looks like it’s trailing some cheese as it blasts off!

Kangaroo Pocket Short ($19.50) As the name suggests, this short has kangaroo pockets. It’s in gray and it has a drawstring on the waistline.

The material is soft and breathable.

At the back of the shirt is “Beam Me Up With Cheese” in pixel font. It reminds me of the popular catchphrase from Star Trek!

He does love modeling his outfits for the summer. The shirt fits nicely and the shorts follow his every movement without restricting him.

This shirt looks like it was made exactly for him.

Allover Print Tee ($22.50) This tee, although in gray, is fun because of the print. It features anchors, a baseball on fire, stars, and whatnots.

Lightning Active Short ($22.50) The short looks cool with its blue lightning bolts print. Like the other pairs in the box, it has a drawstring waistband.

I love how the printed shirt and shorts match together. He loved the shorts because they were easy to move in. This is what summer outfits should look like on big boys! Little boy in fore-right wielding sword 🙂

Tiger Short ($22.50) The tiger print on this short is so eye-catching. It is perfect to wear to the beach and even to the park.

Lightweight Summer Pull-Over Short ($24.50) I think pull-over shorts should be a summer thing as they are easy to wear and remove, plus they are breezy too. The lightweight summer pull-over short has deep pockets. It’s simple and plain compared to the rest of the shorts in the box, but still fits the summer theme!

I love that the extra pair of shorts can be mixed and matched with the tees that come in this summer box. You can see the difference here when he wore the blue buttoned short.

The lightweight summer short reaches up to the knee and can be stretched without tearing. He looks comfy in it! I love that the designs for this box’s clothes are all interesting and fun because my son loved these types of outfits. They are all keepers indeed!

Rockets of Awesome has put together a nice collection of summer wear for my son that fits him like a glove. I love that the shorts are all easy to wear. They’re also made with soft and cool fabric that I’m sure will keep him comfy during hot summer days. The tees are awesome, especially the glow in the dark one which he clearly loved the first time he saw it. This is a season-appropriate collection and my son approves! I love the new flat rate and ability to reject/replace items!

What do you think of the Summer 2018 Rockets of Awesome Big Boys box?

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