OwlCrate Jr. May 2018 Box Review & Coupon

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OwlCrate Jr. is a monthly book subscription box for young readers ages 8-12 with a middle-grade book plus fun gender neutral bookish items designed to enhance your little reader’s experience. It’s from Owl Crate, a super popular YA (young adult) fiction subscription.

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The theme for the April 2018 OwlCrate Jr. box is MONSTER MASH!

The information card cleverly conveys a bit about everything in the box.

Greetings from Owl Crate Jr.!

Everything in the May OwlCrate JR. box! 

Sticker. I love that they included a Potter-themed item in the box! It’s the Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters! In the series, this vicious textbook is really hard to access unless you stroke its spine and the book will open placidly.

Bookmark. Don’t lose the pages of the book you are reading with the help of this cute bookmark. Simply designed but it does do the job perfectly.

The other side of the bookmark features cute monsters reading books.

Button Pin. The button pin is adorable more than scary. It will look good on any tote bag!

Ooly Monster Mini Scented Highlighters ($6.13) These highlighters are not just cute and colorful, they smell really fruity too. It comes in 6 neon colors.

Fruit names represent each color: strawberry for pink, orange for orange, banana for yellow, melon for green, blueberry for blue, and grape for violet.

Each color smells like the corresponding fruit label too!

The caps feature adorable monster designs.

Where The Wild Things Are Inspired Tote Bag. This bag totally fits the theme, and it’s also spacious enough to contain all the items in the box.

It’s cool that the monster designs on this month’s box are cheerful instead of fearful! The kids love them!

Goosebumps The Card Game of Monster Mayhem ($10.95)

Goosebumps: The Card Game of Monster Mayhem is a furious battle between monsters. Giant Mantis versus Werewolf. Slappy versus the Mummy. This easy and fun card game uses different characteristics to determine which monster will come out on top. Features large oversized cards with art from the Scholastic books.

In this game, players lead their monster hordes to compete for trophies. The game has simple gameplay mechanics and quick play time for up to 6 people.

The box contains 72 cards. This Goosebumps Card Game is a furious battle between Monsters: Giant Mantis Versus Werewolf, Slappy versus the Mummy, and so on. It uses different characteristics to determine which monster will come out on top.

The featured book even included a do-it-yourself mask! Just grab a punch, scissors, and crayons to do it!

Thisby Thestoop And The Black Mountain By Zac Gorman ($10.11)

Surrounded by all creatures gruesome and grotesque, Thisby Thestoop, the gamekeeper for the Black Mountain Dungeon, is getting roped into another job—saving the princess’s skin—in the debut fantasy-adventure series by Zac Gorman, contributor to the hilarious Rick and Morty comic series.

In the absurd land of Nth, Thisby Thestoop can be found within the forlorn walls of Castle Grimstone, down the precarious steps of the Black Mountain dungeon, up to her nose in griffon toenails, gnoll spittle, and troll meat (to give to them, not made of them).

When the prince and princess arrive for a Royal Inspection, the much too good-looking Princess Iphigenia winds up lost in the tunnels of the dungeon—without her guards, her staff, or her younger twin brother—and it’s up to Thisby to guide the princess safely past the hoards of minotaurs, wyverns, ghouls, and who-knows-what-else that would love nothing more than to nosh the royal highness for dinner.

Thisby Thestoop and Princess Iphigenia have a dangerous adventure ahead of them. If they’re going to a rescue the missing prince, stop a mounting war, and keep safe all the creatures who call the mountain dungeon home, they’ll have to learn how to trust each other.

Don’t miss the first book in this rollicking new fantasy-adventure series from debut author Zac Gorman!

It includes a letter from the author, Zac Gorman.

It’s a fantasy tale injected with some good humor!

The story is recommended for children age 8 to 12.

It’s a fun read for young readers who are into adventures and magical tales. The book includes beautiful illustrations too.

Thisby and Iphigenia’s friendship is something interesting and admirable. My daughter liked it!

This card has the hint of what’s in store next month…

Get ready to dig deep into ‘Once Upon A Time’ like you never have before!

Our June book brings a new perspective to a familiar tale, full of twists, turns, and heaps of laughs!

This story is perfect for fans of Red, A Tale Dark and Grimm, and anyone who knows what it’s like to feel out of place.

This month, Owlcrate introduced the kids to cute and cool monsters! The book-related items are as good as the featured book, and the Potterhead in me felt great to find a Potter-themed item, even in a form of a little sticker! This subscription is great for building a children’s book collection, while the themed bookish goodies make it even more worthwhile. The kids automatically loved the featured monsters this month, and they even found out that these creatures aren’t really scary at all!

What did you think of the Owl Crate Jr. box this month?

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