New KiwiCo Summer Camp Crates Available Now!

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The new KiwiCo Summer Camp crates are now available! Available boxes are Kiwi Summer Camp, Koala Summer Camp, and Tinker Summer Camp. Each comes with 5 different projects for $99.95 each. Get details on each of them and a preview below!

Kiwi Crate Summer Camp ($99.95)

“STEM” the summer brain drain with these 5 awesome science projects for kids ages 5-8.

1. Pinball Machine (Review here)

Design the board, launch, and play, all while discovering pinball game physics! Play with angles and momentum and try your hand at geometric artwork to decorate your game board.

2. Light Refraction (Review here)

In this crate, you’ll sculpt a firefly, create a color-changing fireworks display, and explore how light refraction makes both projects glow.

3. Solar System (Review here)

Learn more about planets in our solar system and discover how meteors form craters on the moon. Use watercolors to create beautiful paper planets. Create your own solar system mobile, complete with a light-up sun in the center. Create a meteor launcher and test your skill shooting for the moon!

4. Mirror Illusions (Review here)

See how reflections flip images by using a mirror trick box, use the technique of paint resist to create a colorful painted puzzle, build a pair of mirror goggles, and challenge your brain to solve a puzzle looking only at is reflection!

5. Secret Agent (Review here)

Build a periscope and use it to see around things. Use spy glasses and a special UV pen to make secret messages. Build a super spy briefcase to hold all of your secret agent tools.

Check out the Kiwi Crate Summer Camp set here!

Koala Crate Summer Camp ($99.95)

“STEM” the summer brain drain with these 5 awesome science projects for kids ages 3-4.

koala crate september 2015 IMG_8839

1. Playground   (Review here)

Create your own indoor playground! Discover and explore balance with a seesaw, put together a jigsaw puzzle, and challenge yourself with some fun gross motor games!

2. Dinosaurs (Review here)

Jump back into prehistoric times with dinosaurs! Make your own dinosaur costume for stomping around the house. Put together skeleton stickers to create some clay fossils. Challenge your friends to a dino footprint matching game.

3. Rainforest  (Review here)

Explore the rainforest with three engaging activities and a bonus magazine! Create a caterpillar friend that transforms into a butterfly hand puppet. Build a rainstick to imitate the soft sounds of falling rain. Assemble a tree and see how many pom-poms can be stacked on top before it falls over!

4. Arctic (Review here)

Put together a costume and pretend to be a polar bear, make two kinds of snowballs for a chilly game of catch, and create wintry wrapping paper with snowflake stamps!

5. Storytime (Review here)

Make a theater for your puppet shows; get your puppets ready to put on a show; and practice your drawing and letters with colorful cards!

Grab Koala Crate Summer Camp here!

Tinker Crate Summer Camp ($99.95)

“STEM” the summer brain drain with these 5 awesome science projects for kids ages 9-16+.

1. Hydraulic Claw (Review Here)

Build with hydraulics! Hydraulics are used all over, from airplanes to factories to theme parks. Learn how to build your own hydraulic lifting claw and continue experimenting with bonus design challenges.

2. Glowing Pendulum (Review here)

Explore chaotic motion with a double pendulum and UV light!

3. 3D Viewer (Review here)

Create a stereoscopic viewer to explore the magic of 3D images. Build the body and frames of the viewer and use the 3D cards to see the images pop! Keep exploring and build a 3D mirror viewer to play around with illusions and perspective.

4. Mechanical Bird (Review here)

Engineer a model bird and experiment with gear-driven wings!

5. Air Cannon (Review here)

Shoot an air vortex across the room and experiment with fluid dynamics!

You can get Tinker Crate Summer Camp here!

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  • Ms R

    I wish they had these kinds of “toys” when I was a tot! Adorable children 🙂 I wonder if they soon will be developing their own kits 😄😉