NeuroBox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2018

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NeuroBox is a new subscription box for your brain! For $45 a month + shipping, you will receive 5 to 7 full-size products designed to boost your brain health and ship them right to your door. Each item is shown to benefit one of three important categories for your brain health: Brain Power, Brain Pleasure, and Brain Performance.

Note: Last month’s box didn’t have the right products due to a supplier issue. Neurobox had great customer communication and compensation regarding this issue.

Neuro-Stack bottles included in the May NeuroBox contained only a few capsules instead of the 120 shown on the bottle cover. We went back to the manufacturer with this issue and they are unwilling to help us rectify this issue and accept responsibility. Hence we will be sending out a full bottle of another Nootropic supplement in addition to the $75 dollar value in our June Box to all our current subscribers.

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This month’s theme is Energy! Every month, they include a Brain Boost activity. This month is about boosting your brain through Brain Yoga! I tried it and after laughing at my own clumsiness, it was pretty nice! It takes a bit of coordination, being able to squat and also you need to concentrate to keep a hold of your ears! There’s also a Monthly Neuro Prize, and all you have to do to have a chance to win the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is to take a selfie with your box and share it on social media. Pretty easy!

On the flip side of the card, you get all the items information as well as their uses!

Everything in the box!

Total energy – Nootropic for Energy and Focus. This is a dietary supplement you can take when you need to focus and get some energy in your day, made with nature’s finest sources of energy, mood enhancers, and stress relievers to provide the most effective energy boost.

It’s made with coconut oil (natural energy, focus, attention, and alertness) caffeine (from Yerba Mate, a plant from South America), L-Theanine (to smooth the jitters from the 120mg of caffeine) and Rhodiola Rosea (a plant that helps reducing fatigue symptoms and stress).

Gypsy Tonic No.33 – Nootropic Energy Drink. This drink is enhanced with guarana and contains 90mg of plant-based caffeine.

It is non-alcoholic and also contains organic maca, ionic sea minerals (contains a lot of electrolytes and other minerals and trace minerals found in the ocean), Shikajit (a tar-like substance used in the Ayurveda system), Asian Ginseng, Cocoa Powder, coconut palm sugar, etc.

It looks like chocolate milk. Each bottle contains two servings, and I really didn’t like the taste. It was bitter and acid, and I couldn’t drink more than a sip.

Viter Energy Mints Wintergreen Flavor. I like the convenient tin box they come in. The mints are tasty, with a very strong minty feeling! They do give me a boost of energy if taken right before a workout, or when I need to drive in the evening, but they don’t really do anything for my focus when sitting in front of the computer! It’s sweetened with sucralose and xylitol and contains 40mg of caffeine with B-vitamins.

BriteSMART – All Natural Brain Healt Supplement. This daily dietary supplement will help to bring your mind in focus, improves your memory and your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

It’s an all-natural scientific formula contains Biotin, a member of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy.

Nothing but the Fruit – Real Fruit Bites, Strawberry. I love Nothing but the Fruit snacks. They have a nice strawberry flavor in little cubes that are chewy, sweet and tasty.

Poketto SuDoKu – The puzzle/activity this month is this little book of 32 Puzzles.

One puzzle per page, it’s easy to throw it in your pocket or your purse for on-the-go brain activity.

I’m not sure what I fell about this box. Every item, except for the Sudoku book, are high quality and nice by themselves, but when put together in the box, I felt I was just giving a bunch of supplements to try. To be fair, it’s a nice box if you don’t mind taking daily supplements and you want to try different ones to see which ones work for you. The Sudoku book, although a nice addition, felt a bit thrown in and disappointing.

I really enjoy that this is a box that could be gifted to anybody, man or woman, but I was hoping we would have one more item to challenge the brain instead of the second bottle of supplements.

What did you think of this month’s NeuroBox?

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