Loot Crate Destiny 2 Limited Edition Crate Review

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The Loot Crate Limited Edition Destiny 2 Crate was a limited edition box from Loot Crate featuring exclusive Destiny 2 collectibles, apparel & more. This one-time box from Loot Crate is now SOLD OUT and cost $49.99 plus shipping & handling.

The box looks full of amazing Destiny 2 items!

The info card lists all the items included in the crate.

Everything in my box!

So I guess the in-game code was sent a while back, but I tend to clean up my email and I no longer have it. Sadness.

Cayde-6 Pin. We got an exclusive Cayde-6 pin that was a bonus for early purchasing.

Cayde-6 is an Exo and Vanguard of the Hunter Class. This chibi version of the Cayde-6 pin looks cute and he’s even holding a chicken, which he saved. Here’s the scene:

“That’s a good job, Colonel.”

The pin also has 2 rubber tricorn clutch.

Shank Plush. They also included a cuddle buddy, a Shank plush!

A Shank is a fallen Scout, sentry and a repair drone, and can be deployed from the Walkers.

The soft plushy also has a tie so you can hang it up, and it’ll look like a flying drone! Perfect for hanging from a ceiling fan or from the rearview mirror.

Guardian Journal. The journal is a cool addition to my very busy desk!

This item is inspired by the player characters of the game, the Guardians!

 They are reanimated corpses brought to life with the Traveler’s Light carried by a Ghost. They are a standing army of specialized soldiers tasked with the defense of the last city on Earth.

It also comes with a bookmark to keep you on track, with the Ghost symbol at the end!

An elastic closure secures your journal, so your everyday notes and secrets are safe. The back even has the tricorn symbol!

The front is designed with some of the game symbols, the symbol for a triple-threat.

Osiris Figure. The figure from this LE box is Osiris!

The box looks good too.

Osiris is an old Warlock and a former Vanguard who was exiled from the City, and now, he scouts the Infinite Forest as a vigilante, while also protecting the Solar System from any signs of the Vex.

The detail on this figure is really impressive!

Even his headdress and his long suit were captured perfectly.

Many have credited him as the greatest and most powerful Guardian in history. And with that attire, he even looks like a god, as his name was based on one.

Ace Of Spades Coffee Tumbler. In the game, Ace of Spades is a Hunter-exclusive exotic hand cannon.

The design looks like a playing card, just like the hand cannon itself. It looks really cool!

It has the tricorn illustrated at the back.

The tumbler even comes with a spill-proof lid that I can easily slide off when I need to drink from it.

Guardian Hoodie & Patches. The patches feature the Starter emblems for the following: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan!

The patches can be easily attached to the soft hoodie via velcro!

Here’s the Starter Hunter Emblem patch looking good on the hoodie.

The hoodie also has the same design as the journal in this box. There are the symbols for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks! I chose to become a triple threat!

Whether you’re a Hunter, Warlock, a Titan, or all three, you can just change the patch located on the upper arm part of the left sleeve.

It really keeps you warm, and it’s so soft and comfy!

It even has front pockets where you can put small stuff that I need to bring, without having the need to grab a bag.

This box was supposed to ship in April, and we received it in June, making the sweatshirt a whole lot less functional (it’s 90 degrees outside!). We’ll put it aside for now, but this is a situation where Loot Crate really needs to get its fulfillment house in order. All the goodies were great but with the big item as a cold-weather winner, it’s not quite as exciting to receive.

Did you get a Limited Edition Destiny 2 Crate


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