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Little Passports World Edition is a monthly kids’ educational subscription box with fun activities about the different countries in the world. This box is designed for children 6-10. Your child will learn about the geography and culture of the world with a monthly delivery of around the world adventures.

Everything inside the box!

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A Letter From Sam & Sofia. In this letter, Sam and Sofia told us about their adventure in Eygpt. Sam said it was a surprise trip that he did with Sofia and they were able to see the Great Sphinx of Giza!

Aside from the Sphinx, the two also went to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza where archaeologists were doing their “digs.”

Passport Stamp & Map Marker. The box includes a passport stamp with Egypt’s flag and a blue pin marker.

There’s also a sticker featuring the Great Pyramids of Giza which Sam and Sofia visited.

Boarding Pass. Since the activities from this subscription box are all about traveling around the world, each month will have a different boarding pass depending on the country that will be featured. In this box’s boarding pass, Sam and Sofia are riding a camel. Camels are a popular mode of transportation in Egypt when visiting the main tourist attractions out in the dunes.

You can use the information on the passes to check the website for pictures and other fun stuff. All aboard!

The Pyramids Of Giza Postcard. The postcard shows The Pyramids of Giza, which were built 4,500 years ago!

On the back of the postcard is a brief description and history of the tourist destination featured on the front. It’s important for adventurers to have at least some information on tourist spots.

Every box includes a new postcard and fun fact from the destination!

Little Passports Egypt Dig Kit. Sam and Sofia also sent some tools similar to what the archaeologists were using in Egypt. There’s even a mini-pyramid containing a treasure and the kids have to dig it themselves.

Each pyramid contains one out of two treasure designs. Instructions on how to use the kit is also included at the back of the packaging.

Activity Booklet. Each month, there’s an activity book included that’s focused on the destination country. It has fun activities that will allow you to learn more about the different countries in the world.

This month’s activities include an Egypt geography-themed word scramble and a recipe for Aish Baladi, a popular flatbread in Egypt.

You will also learn how to make your own papyrus paper. These were traditionally made by peeling and overlapping stalks of the papyrus plant, hence the name.

There’s even a feature about the hieroglyphs used by the ancient Egyptians. The symbols correspond to the letters of the alphabet.

Here’s a spot the difference activity and it’s all about camels. These desert animals can last 5 to 10 days without water!

Lastly, the booklet provided a brief description of the different headdresses that were used in ancient Egypt. How interesting!

We put the Egypt sticker on our Little Passport mini suitcase!

Another country stamp sticker is added to the booklet!

The kids are getting ready to start digging for the buried treasure armed with their little digging tools. They’re really excited!

They’re following the instructions carefully by brushing away the sand with every dig they make.

Here’s what they were able to dig up from the pyramid that came with the box. It is a statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh!

It looks similar to the real thing! They had SO much fun with this activity!

That’s it for Egypt! We’re excited about the next country!

This Little Passports box has certainly captured my kids’ interest in all the activities they provided, especially the digging kit. It was a fun way of learning about how archaeologists work and about the history of the pyramids in Egypt. Of course, it also taught them to be patient and persistent so that they could get the treasure in the end! The best thing is that all of the activity booklet is portable. You can bring it to keep the kids occupied during road trips or even when just waiting around during errands! What a fun way to sneak in a little extra learning!

What do you think of Sofia and Sam’s worldwide trip this month? Let us know in the comments!

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