June 2018 GlobeIn Artisan Box Club Review + Coupon

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The GlobeIn Artisan Box Club is a subscription that sends handcrafted products from around the world. All items are produced either by collectives that are fair trade certified or that respect and adhere to fair trade principles. All artisans and farmers whose products are distributed by GlobeIn are paid a fair wage for their products.

DEAL:  New customers can use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 OFF their 3-month or longer Artisan Box subscription

GlobeIn has revamped their product line and now offers all subscriptions to the Artisan Box Club! The previous subscriptions are now under 4 Artisan Club Box levels: Premium, Deluxe, Essential and Starter. Premium and Deluxe boxes are $33 and $25 per month, respectively, while Essential and Starter boxes are both $10 per month each.

The former “Artisan Box” ($33) is now the Premium level, and the former “GlobeIn Club” ($10) is now the Essential level.

Along with all of the lovely items in the box, the Artisan Box includes a booklet that gives details about each of the artists responsible for the items in the box.

The theme for this box is MINDFULNESS. Artisan Box subscribers have a selection of themes from which to choose. This way, artisans will be able to meet GlobeIn’s needs while also having longer, steady work as they continue to produce items for the Artisan Box.

GlobeIn is committed to empowering artisans around the world, and that’s why they’ve included the artisans’ stories along with each product’s description in the booklet.

They’ve also included candid shots or portraits of each artist in their work environment.

There are suggestions at the bottom of the page, which helps you maximize the use of each product.

I love reading this booklet!

It’s a great way to learn about the artisans and communities this subscription has helped to support.

Founder and CEO of Simple Habit App, Yunha Kim shared some meditation tips as well.

Here’s a very nice photo to get you in the mood for meditating, or be excited about this month’s box!

Via the Simple Habit Meditation app, you can connect with world-class teachers and choose from a variety of 5-minute meditations designed for specific situations and moods. They provided a coupon code for you to be able to redeem and download the app.

They also included step by step instructions on how to redeem the app.

BONUS: The Holstee Manifesto Art Print. This art print reminds us that life is short so we should make the most out of it!

This manifesto was written by Holstee’s founders as their definition of success — words they could return to if they found themselves lost along the journey of life. Today, this message has crossed social, cultural, and geographic boundaries to connect millions around the world.

Everything in the MINDFULNESS box!

Blue Lineas Palm Leaf Basket, Mexico ($15) Palm leaf baskets are a GlobeIn staple. This handcrafted item proves how artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico are great weavers!

It can be used for organizing your stuff at home, as well as in storing treats, small toys, and whatnots.

Mala Beads, India ($20) These beads are commonly used in India for reciting or chanting a mantra — there’s one for each of the 108 beads, so you can track them slowly along the strand.

A 25-year-old named Zaiba is the one who made this beautiful piece. According to GlobeIn, she’s been working for the past six years to help her family gain financial independence. The beads are already infused with the spirit of intention.

Mini Usha Bells, India ($20) The rustic look of these bells adds to its charm. You can use it to decorate your door, or put it outdoors as a calming wind chime.

Making this wind chime provided metal smithing artisans regular work for two entire months and generated a livelihood for many more to come.

Lavender Oil, India ($12) Lavender essential oil calms and soothes, and even lets you prepare for a good night’s sleep. It can be diffused in a room or applied on your pillow. You can also rub a few drops of this oil in your palm and then deep inhale it for relaxation or de-stressing.

Blue Ombre Reed Diffuser, Mexico ($20) Unlike most battery-operated or electric diffusers, this minimalist reed diffuser embodies an air of tranquility. The beautiful blue ombre jar is hand-blown glass made by at the Cristaluc workshop in Tonala.

It comes with 6 reeds that you can soak in the diffuser liquid. They can be flipped once a week until they’re saturated. The base liquid you can use can be composed of 20-25 drops of essential oils with 1/4 cup of base oil (almond, safflower, or coconut).

The scent of the essential oils will harmonize your home. Also, if you’re not into reed diffusers, you can use the blue jar as a vase or an added decoration to a side table.

Aside from providing items that will definitely beautify your home, GlobeIn also supports local artisans by giving them a livelihood and letting the world know of their talent and craft. This box is always packed with unique artisan pieces from all over the world, it’s like having a tour without heading out the door, and spending less. The theme for this month is really “mindful.” There are lots of things that easily cause stress these days, and we need to stop and relax. The items are very much helpful, especially the oil and the diffuser. I’ll be using them in the bedroom to help ease my mind especially before I hit the sack!

Do you subscribe to GlobeIn Artisan Box Club? What has your favorite theme been?

Visit Globe In Artisan Box Club to subscribe or find out more!


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