Herb Stop AromaBox Subscription Review & Coupon – June 2018

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Herb Stop is a locally owned small business out of Pine, Arizona that offers the AromaBox, a monthly essential oils subscription box. Master Herbalists Leilah Breitler and Natalie Hajdu curate their oils to a theme and all of their essential oils are 100% pure, although some of the more precious oils are thinned with jojoba oil.

AromaBox is $24.95 a month and that includes shipping, plus you can choose to receive this box once a quarter. You will receive 4 bottles of oils – 3 single essential oils (1/6 oz or 1/3 oz each) and 1 roll-on essential oil blend ready for use. Along with your oils, you will receive a flyer with details on each oil, 3 tips on using each oil, and safety information.

The Herb Stop insists that all ingredients must come from reliable and ethical sources. Leilah and Natalie believe that quality and high standards are essential to create life-enhancing herbal products that are unmatched.

FYI – AromaBox is always available through the end of the month!

The theme for June’s box was The Communicator.

DEAL: Save 15% on your first box with coupon code HELLO15.

The flyer opened up to give more info on each oil. Each oil is described and then it gives you an aromatherapy tip, a tip from Leilah (a Master Herbalist), a tip from Natalie (also a Master Herbalist), and any safety precautions. There is a nice color picture of each herb and the details are easy enough for the newest essential oil enthusiast to understand. I also own an essential oil book that I can refer to but you can always find further uses on Google or Pinterest.

SAFETY NOTE: If you have any health concerns or are pregnant or nursing I would urge you to check with your doctor before using essential oils. The Herb Stop does not endorse the use of essential oils for internal use, unless under the supervision of a qualified practitioner skilled in oral administration of essential oils.

The back of the pamphlet gave info on the featured blend for this month and a recipe for your diffuser. It also had a coupon code for their shop.

There were a couple of business cards on top too.

Everything arrived safely!

Everything in my box!

Herb Stop Peppermint Essential Oil ($3.90) I love peppermint. Really, really love peppermint.

The bottle listed the part of the plant used, distillation method, and country of origin.

It’s unadulterated, which means it hasn’t been cut with a carrier oil and is pure peppermint essential oil.

The bottles all have euro droppers to make it easy to get one drop at a time since some oils are potent. This would be wonderful to mix with a carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond and then rubbed on the body after a shower. Or just sniff it directly from the bottle to put some pep in your step.

Herb Stop Lemon Verbena Essential Oil ($33.35) I’ve had lots of success growing lemon verbena in the past and love its uplifting and happy scent. I think it more closely resembles lemongrass than lemons.

This one is pure oil and not a mix. I think it would work well in a blend to keep bugs away but use it after the sun goes down to avoid getting a sunburn.

Herb Stop Caraway Essential Oil ($1.62) Caraway seeds give rye bread its distinctive flavor and it has a warm, comforting scent.

You can mix this into a carrier oil and rub it on the tummy to relieve discomfort or mix it into an essential oil blend for fragrance.

Herb Stop The Communicator Roll-On Blend ($16.95) The Herb Stop sends unique blends that aren’t available in their shop but they have plenty of others to choose from.

This particular blend has a base of jojoba oil and clary sage, cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, and vetiver essential oils. The idea is to apply this onto pulse points when you need to help get your point across, or to help you to prepare to learn, or any other time you want to communicate something to someone. I think the lavender comes through most strongly and I just can’t seem to stop smelling my wrists.

I think The Aroma Box is my new favorite subscription! I appreciate that The Herb Stop sends both familiar and lesser-known oils and I can’t wait to put them to use. I really need to buy a diffuser because I think that is a great way to explore essential oils, but I also look forward to using them in body care products. Plus, the ready-to-roll blend smells wonderful and I can instantly use it as soon as I open the box. My box had a value of around $55.82, and the products are all high-quality. If you are new to essential oils then the Aroma Box is a great place to get started without becoming overwhelmed.

What did you think of the AromaBox?

Visit Aroma Box by The Herb Stop to subscribe or find out more!


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