Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month May 2018 Box Review + Coupon!

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The FCS of the Month Club is a monthly subscription from Fortune Cookie Soap that features full-sized products including past scents making a revival, current releases, and at least one brand new product. The box is $28 a month and shipping is calculated at check out based on your location.

DEAL: Save $6.95 shipping fee for your first month! Use coupon code FIRSTFCSBOX.

The items are packed with tissue paper. Some of the items are also bubble wrapped.

The May theme is THE FORCE!

Information about the individual items is listed in this booklet.

The booklet reminds me of a movie poster of Star Wars The Force Awakens with all shades of red on it!

Each featured item is thoroughly discussed. There’s a description, as well as usage instructions, and a list of ingredients used.

I find this booklet interesting and really informative, plus it really gets you into the theme!

Everything in this month’s box! May the force be with you!

Sky Walker Spray Lotion. It’s a spray lotion that should be sprayed immediately after a shower to lock in moisture. The formula gets easily absorbed by the skin and also doesn’t become tacky or sticky. It’s nice to have this in handy for summer, to keep your skin moisturized and supple despite the weather.

It’s made in Oklahoma and it’s cruelty-free too. The smell is so fresh – a sweet lemony citrus.

Rebel Princess Restorative Hair Mask. To help restore your hair of its natural and radiant shine, you can apply a generous amount of this hair mask to towel-dried hair. Then, comb it and leave on for 5 to 7 minutes for absorption and then rinse and finish with conditioner.

It is suggested to be applied once weekly as a hair treatment and less frequently as hair improves. It’s thick, almost like a wax, but it worked well for my hair. I skipped the conditioner. Such a rebel!

The Darkside Face Mask. Easy to apply and remove, this clay mask helps moisturize and brighten the face after usage. You can apply it on your face with wet fingertips and in circular motions.

I love that it doesn’t dry my face or make it uncomfortable. Instead, the mask left my skin feeling smooth and soft! It had a good tingle going on, too!

The Droids You’re Looking For Hand Sanitizer. This sanitizer is gold! The bubbles made it look like a galaxy and it smelled good!

The Droids You’re Looking For Hand Lotion. This also attaches on my purse and readily available when my hands feel dry. Both of these items have a nice sort of herbal smell of cilantro and lime!

Hidden Rebel Base Fabric & Room Spray. Please don’t mistake this for the spray lotion! Kidding aside, it smells amazing, and how I imagine Endor smells! It’s a good thing it doesn’t fade easily because it is potent to compete with house smells but gentle on blankets and linens. Spray this on your old closets or the basement (hence the name) and it will be smelling fresh like sea salt, black plum, and cyclamen flower. It was very woody and great for the boys’ room.

Smuggler Sugar & Spice Body Polish. Nobody ever says no to a sugar scrub. You can use it once or twice a week and massage it or focus on dry areas. Use warm water and pat the skin dry.

There’s a little scoop in it to prevent contamination. The combination of sugar and spice definitely smells yummy – rose and cardamom!

I like how this subscription is spicing things up with fun themes! I loved all the Star Wars references this month! All products are cruelty-free and there’s also a good variety – from skincare items to haircare items and even products for the home. This month’s favorites are The Darkside face mask, which contrary to its name, helps brighten skin and the fabric & room spray that smells so wonderful. I wonder what geeky theme FCS is cooking up for next month! I’m already excited!

What do you think of this month’s FCS The Soap Box?

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  • cyclicalconsumer

    I love that the OCD and the lotion look like C3PO and a Droid. This whole set was amazing. I’m excited for the June 80’s theme, the scent descriptions all look great.