Fit Lifestyle Box Subscription Review – June 2018

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Fit Lifestyle Box is a monthly subscription box that sends a full-size fitness product (apparel, jump ropes, shaker bottle, etc.), at least one protein bar (or chips, pudding, etc.), and several sample size goodies (protein, aminos, preworkouts, fat burners). Subscribers will also receive workout routines, recipes, and fitness tips. When you subscribe, you’ll be able to customize your box with your t-shirt size and your main goal (get lean, get fit, stay strong). The box is $20 a month plus $6 for shipping.

I love the quote on the side: “Work hard and make your idols become your rivals!” Yesssss!

First look at the box. I’m so happy to get a 30-day arm challenge this month as my upper body strength is quite lacking!

I love 30-day challenges, in any shape and form. There’s something about a monthly commitment that I find not overwhelming, but efficient and perfect to start a new routine. This challenge is all about the arms, and I’m so happy! My arms are weak, but I hope that by the end of this challenge I’ll gain some strength! I like the structure for this challenge with the 3 days of work, 1 rest day. Looking at the progression, it’s perfect for both beginners and intermediate fitness lovers as it’s easily adaptable (you choose your weights) and starts slow. I also really like that this challenge is on a thick paper, so it won’t get destroyed as easily as normal paper. I’m still going to put it in a plastic sleeve to keep it as long as I can.

FLB Lifting Team T-Shirt. A nice cotton polyester blend t-shirt. It’s soft, light, but will last for a while!

That’s it Bites in Coconut and in Blueberry. I love That’s It snacks as they taste really good without a lot of ingredients. There is still a bit of sugar added to the chocolate, but it makes it smooth and perfect in combination with the fruity center.

They are soft, and the center is like a chewy dried apple puree, sweet and quite flavorful! They were perfect as a snack after a run and even though it was hot, the chocolate was softer but not melted. I was expecting a stronger coconut flavor, but both had a very similar flavor profile that my husband had a hard time telling them apart in a blind test. Still good, and a snack I’ll keep around!

Buff Bake Protein CookiePeanut Butter Cup. A soft and chewy big cookie with chocolate chip and peanut drops. It’s packed with 16g of protein for 320 calories, 15g of fat, and 37g of carbs. I didn’t heat it up in the microwave to get the “fresh out of the oven” taste, but it was a very satisfying cookie!

Garden of Life High Protein Weight Loss Bar – Chocolate Fudge. Vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free protein bar that packs 14g of protein from pea protein. There are pieces of organic pea crisps and ground coffee beans for a boost of energy. It only contains 1g of sugar as it is sweetened with Stevia. It also has Ashwagandha to curve appetite.

‘Merica Labz High Caliber Pre-Workout Ammunition – Freedom. I’m not exactly sure of the flavor, but it’s quite fruity. It contains a lot of nice ingredients to help you going strong in the gym. The taste is very sweet, almost candy-like, with a hint of citrus? There’s no weird after-taste, but there’s a slight powder feel when mixed with not enough water (which I did). It didn’t take long or a lot of this product to give me a boost of energy, but I’ve only recently started using pre-workout, so my tolerance is pretty low!

I really enjoyed my Fit Lifestyle Box June’s box! I was mostly impressed by the pre-workout sample as I’m still learning about these products, so it’s nice to be able to taste and try them before committing to a full-size product that is quite expensive if they don’t work or if you hate the taste! I love the idea of having a monthly challenge that you can start anytime and that doesn’t feel overwhelming, even for beginners. A really nice box to discover new products!

What do you think of this subscription?

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