Brick Loot May 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box filled with LEGO-compatible items, bricks, and brick building accessories for LEGO fans. Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

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This month’s theme is BUST THE BUGS!

The card gives a little description of expected items in the box.

Everything inside the box!

RGB Flashing LED Brick. This flashing LED brick in red, blue, and green makes any Lego city livelier.

You can either put this brick alongside the other bricks or hide it inside the building for special effects.

The Exterminator – Custom Pad Printed 100% LEGO Minifigure. This month’s featured mini-figure is The Exterminator!

It is a 100% custom pad printed Lego!

Mr. Exterminator wears a brown cap and an exterminator uniform. He’s also holding a bug exterminator spray on his right hand.

This mini-figure is so detailed. A Bugbusters logo is printed at the back of his shirt!

With this smile, Mr. Exterminator seems to be pretty excited and ready to kill all the bugs bothering your household.

Exclusive 100% LEGO Build Designed By Ted Andes. Aside from The Exterminator, we also got four exclusive insect-designed Lego to build. Looks like The Exterminator will need to get a lot of things done!

There are only four insect Lego designs available in the Insects Mini Brick collection so far, and we got them all!

First in the line-up is the Lady Bug! She consists of 40 pieces of red, white, and black bricks.

Included in the box is the inventory of bricks plus an instruction manual to build the Lady Bug.

Here’s how it looks when built!

The white brick on each side serves as the eye. The Lady Bug Lego figure even has antennae that can be moved up and down.

The next insect figure is an Ant. It has a total of 36 pieces.

The bricks are packed separately according to their sizes and shape. It also comes with an instruction sheet.

The design of the Lego is pretty amazing, it looks like a real ant but of course with less number of feet.

It is so detailed from the antenna up to its abdomen part. Like a real ant, the abdomen can be moved sideways!

Next up is a Housefly Lego figure, which is composed of 31 pieces.

There are black, red, and transparent blocks. Of course, there’s an easy-to-follow instruction sheet too.

It has huge red eyes and transparent wings!

Looks pretty much like a real fly!

The fourth and final insect we have here is the Dragonfly. It’s composed of 40 Lego pieces.

Unlike the other three insect figures, the Dragonfly looks much colorful and livelier. We really appreciate the inclusion of the instruction sheet. It makes building the figure a lot easier.

The dragonfly’s head is green, while the body is yellow and black.

I love how detailed this insect Lego is. Its transparent wings are beautiful too.

Here’s the bottom view of all the insect Legos.

Magic Butterfly Lego Figure. This 88-piece Lego figure is designed by Ted Andes.

All the bricks are in a laminated container.

An illustrated instruction sheet is included.

My son did the butterfly figure himself and he had fun!

This butterfly is so symmetric and very colorful. The antenna also adds to the coolness factor!

It’s really pretty! Just make sure that all the bricks are locked-in to avoid unnecessary breakage when your kids start playing it.

This beautiful butterfly figure can even flap its wings!

Brick Loot is a great subscription for both young and old Lego enthusiasts! All the Lego figures we received this month are easy to build and high-quality. The insect figures are very detailed too and our favorite is definitely the butterfly. We even got a flashing LED light brick, which brings more fun to our Lego collection. To sum it all up, it was a great month and I’m really happy to see our Lego collection grow!

What do you think about Brick Loot?

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