Amoda Tea May 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Amoda Tea is a Canadian premium tea subscription. Each month hand-selected teas are sent out, from all over North America and beyond. They source the tea from small companies to support them and help them grow. There are two flavours of box available — the original and low-caffeine. Both cost $20, have free shipping to Canada/US (no international shipping yet), and you can also add on some extra bonuses like a travel set, a teaspoon, or more filters if you are a tea-drinking monster like me. They also have a tasty tea guarantee — if you don’t like a tea in your box, they’ll replace it in your next box!

This is a review of the original box.

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Every month, they also send a super cute tea postcard! I send these to my tea-loving friends and my penpals. They also always send paper filters in case you’re new to loose leaf tea and don’t have an infuser yet.

Here’s this month’s teas!

Green Pearls of Agni (Green) — I am so picky about green tea, but I still try the ones Amoda sends. This is a very smokey green tea, that definitely has that warm flavour to it. It’s actually one of the better green teas Amoda has sent, and I found it quite nice to sip on.

Rose City Repose (Herbal) — I’ve been relying on herbal teas lately, since it’s a caffeine-free way to indulge in something hot and soothing.  This is truly a relaxing blend with rose, calendula, chamomile, and even lavender in it. The orange gives it a bit of a zing too.

Left Coast Tropic (Black) — A versatile tropical tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It’s a blend of black and green tea with coconut, rose, and pineapple in it.

Stay Young, Go Dancing (Black) — Cutest tea name ever! This is a fruity black tea with peach and papaya.

Amoda always manages to curate some truly special teas every month. I don’t always love the teas but being able to taste and try a small amount without committing is a really awesome experience. Amoda sells all of their teas on their website, so if you have a craving it’s easy to get your hands on more! I’ve been cutting caffeine out of my diet and I find that I can still enjoy some of the selections they send, though I would love to give their caffeine-free box a try sometime in the future!

Which tea was your favorite?

Visit Amoda Tea to subscribe or find out more!

Amoda Tea

The Amoda Monthly Box is a premium tea subscription box. The Amoda tasting team scours the shelves of independent tea companies across North America to find unique teas, delicious blends and fun flavours. The Monthly Box offer a way to discover the hidden gems of the tea world, support the up-and-coming tea companies and taste the very best they have to offer.

00 per month

Get 40% off of your first month! Use coupon code HELLO40.


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  • Tegan

    So glad you liked the smoky green tea! It’s such high quality, but can be an acquired taste for some. Thanks for the review!

    • Valerie

      Thanks Tegan! I am slowly developing more of an appreciation for green tea thanks to this sub! 🙂

  • Deb

    Those flavors all sound tasty but peach and papaya black tea sounds especially delicious and I think it would make a refreshing iced tea!