Yumble Kids April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupons!

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Yumble is a weekly meal subscription service for kids. They deliver pre-prepared meals suited to the specific tastes, nutritional needs, and portion size requirements of children. To make things more fun, they also include activities in each box! All the meals are pre-cooked and need either minimal heating, or no heating at all. You can customize exactly what meals you receive, or have Yumble just automatically send meals. Yumble meals are designed to be healthier versions of “kid food” and Yumble claims if your child is exposed to at least two weeks of Yumble food, they’ll pretty much get used to it.

Yumble offers meal plans with six, twelve, and twenty four meals per week – this is a review of the 12-meal per week box! Individual meals range from $6.99 to $7.99, and shipping is always free!

To keep the meals fresh, they ship it in an insulated box with frozen gel packs. There was plenty of ice to keep everything cold.

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There are also cotton liners on the edges, which are not recyclable but can be reused for crafts or other things.

Everything in my box!

We received 12 pre-prepared meals in the box, and all of them come individually packaged with cute cardboard wraps. We received the weekly fun pack in the box, but not the starter pack. This was really confusing because I’d received an email telling me about the starter items in the box. I had to reach out and have them mail it separately.

Included is an information card…

…which contains instructions and tips on how you should heat up the Yumble meals.

A guide is also in the Yumble welcome pack…

…containing information about the recyclable Yumble box packaging, as well as the fun inclusions like the Yumble coins, Yumble cards, and activity sheets.

They’ve also included a Yumble Star Chart, which the kids can hang on your fridge. Every time they eat nicely, they can color one of its squares.

When the whole chart is completed, you can send it to Yumble for a prize along with a new chart to fill.

Here’s an introduction to all the Yumble characters: Chef Zen, Dr. Taste-Test, Spicy Ramone, Coach Kale, and Sprout.

These coloring sheets make for a fun pre-meal or post-meal activity for the kids.

These Yumble cards can be collected and traded!

When you flip the cards, there fun facts and trivia printed on them.

The Yumble Coins can be used to rewards the kids for their good behavior. From the Yumble guide:

As their collection grows they will gain a sense of pride. Be sure to set clear goals so they know what they have to do as they earn their coins.

My kids love coloring and these coloring sheets will surely keep them busy!

Moving on to the pre-packed meals, I love the idea that there are different food options offered. 12 meals per week is ideal for 1-2 kids.

Here we have Chocolate Sunbutter Wrap, Protein Poppers, and Ham & Swiss Panini. These are great either as a breakfast meal or a snack.

There are also two kinds of Mac N Cheese: Creamy Mac N Cheese and Mac N Cheese Ravioli. My kids would love these for dinner!

More yummy snacks are included in our weekly plan, such as Pizza Empanadas, Quinoa Pizza Cups, and Pizza-licious!

Chicken definitely belongs to the list of food that kids love and never get tired of. In fact, we got 4 chicken meals in the box, including Crunchy Chicken Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Grilled Chicken Strips, and Chicken Pops!

The packaging won’t go to waste since the kids can use them as masks. They can even add a bit of color and design to it!

Here’s all the meals we ordered this particular week. The cheesy broccoli tots that went with the mac & cheese were AMAZING but my 7 year old wouldn’t touch them.

We took photos of a few labels and then photos of a few meals. For purposes of this review we thought it would be best to not have it be endless!

Grilled Chicken Strips With Honey Glazed Carrots & Jasmine Rice The white meat chicken breasts used in this meal are hormone-free and antibiotic-free. These were seasoned and cut into strips for easy consumption. It’s also served with honey glazed carrots and jasmine rice for a full meal.

Pizza Empanadas With Cheesy Mashed Potatoes And Broccoli This empanada-style pizza is made with whole wheat dough, which was filled with an all natural tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. With a side of broccoli and mashed potatoes, it’s surely a satisfying meal for any active kid.

Chocolate Sunbutter Wrap With Yogurt Pretzels With Dried Apricots Tortilla and sunbutter with chocolate chips is a surprisingly good combination. The pretzels were creamy with their rich yogurt coating, and the dried apricots definitely added texture to the whole plate.

The labels are frankly ugly and the information design on them is lacking (aka they are hard to read!).

For the next review we’ll take photos of different meals. For the meals below we took photos of before and after cooking.

Chicken Nuggets with Edamame Fresh Corn Kernels, Crunchy Pretzels, and Clean Ketchup Healthy chicken nuggets? I’m sold! These are made with all natural white meat chicken breasts, which doesn’t contain any antibiotics or hormones. The nuggets are also coated with homemade corn chips.

They call the ketchup “clean” because it has no corn syrup. The meal also comes with a side of fresh edamame-corn mix (which was very tasty) and pretzels. This one was immediately heated up and enjoyed by my kids for lunch!

Quinoa Pizza Cups With Steamed Parmesan Brocolli Those little cupcakes do taste like real pizza, but they’re way healthier because they’re made with quinoa, fresh tomatoes, and natural mozzarella cheese. This meal is surely packed with protein!

The pizza cups were paired with lightly steamed broccoli, topped with parmesan. My son was really excited about this but didn’t like it. I didn’t like it either using the heating directions on the container. I did eat them the next day and reheated them much more, and they were delicious. Lukewarm just isn’t for quinoa.

Holy Moly Ravioli With Dark Chocolate Pretzels and Dried Apricots The cheesy ravioli were cut in fun shapes to make it exciting for the kids. It’s a great source of calcium and protein.

The meal comes with homemade fresh tomato sauce, and a side of dried apricots and chocolate dipped pretzels. This was a favorite!

Yumble is a convenient solution for picky eaters and busy parents alike. I love the variety of food items they offer – the meals and snacks don’t just suit the taste of kids, they are made with healthy ingredients too. Also, the meals can last a week or longer, which means we can still plan the kids’ meals accordingly.  There are many protein-packed meals as well, which is great to support growing kids! Meal planning could be a daunting task, and I think this is a supplement that can help ease it every once in a while.

For the most part my kids really loved the meals but they are pricey.  As a parent I did not like the combination of dried fruit and sweet treats (because, um, they are BOTH sweet treats!). Why not combine something sugary with a veggie?  I also wasn’t completely wowed with the lack of different sizes – my kids do eat different amounts and what a 2 year old eats is different than a portion for a 12 year old. Those criticisms aside – why isn’t this the kind of food they’re serving in elementary schools?  I really want my kids to like these healthier versions of kid food and although they had some issues with some of the items, I think repeated exposure will take care of that. We’ll see how it goes in future weeks and if we can’t get the kiddos eating that quinoa!

Have you tried Yumble Kids subscription box yet?

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