The Bouqs May 2018 Review & Coupon

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The Bouqs is an online flower shop that also offers floral subscriptions. Whether by subscription or one-off orders, you can choose a bouquet of flowers, which are grown in rich South American soil, and get beautiful flowers delivered to your doorstep. Ordering is simple and hassle-free. If you’re interested in a subscription, that will knock 20% off your ongoing deliveries.

DEAL: You can try code NEWB15 (all caps required!) to get 15% off or WELCOME10 for a 10% discount on your first delivery.

If you prefer a subscription you can easily set your deliveries for every week, every 2 weeks, every month, or every 2 months. When you subscribe you select a Bouqs aesthetic (Farmer’s Market, The Classics, Volcano Roses, or Simply the Best) and the size of bouquet you prefer – Original, Deluxe, or Grand ($32, $44, $56). Instead of a subscription, you can also pre-schedule deliveries for important occasions.

This is a review of the Farmer’s Market subscription. For May, we received the “Just Right” Bouq.

The packaging is simple and straightforward.

The flower care instructions are included with the packaging. I strongly suggest trimming stems and putting them into the water straight away.

The bouquet looks great even while it’s still inside the box.

The box comes with its own gift card in case you will be giving it as a gift to someone.

Inside the gift card is your note as well as care & design instructions.

The bouquet of flowers have been carefully packed and tied together at the stems so it is still fresh when you open them.

It’s good to know that these blooms are sustainably farmed.

The box even lists the flower inclusions in this set.

Unlike the past bouquets which were wrapped in brown paper, my flowers are wrapped in plastic.

I received two sets of beautiful blooms!

Some of the blooms have protective nets on them to maintain their form.

Even though the flowers were shipped in a box, it’s super pretty!

I love the contrast of colors in my set.

The blooms are looking great especially when taken out of the plastic packaging.

They’re all looking fresh and the colors are really lovely, even the greens!

Everything in my box!

Here are some Pompom Daisies in purple. They were beautiful but some stems were broken.

As I transferred the blooms, I also tried rearranging them in my vase.

Looking at them as a whole bunch in my vase is just fantastic, as each of the flowers complements each other.

Here, we can see an orange rose. It was 40 cm before I trimmed it down to go with all the flowers.

This one’s a vibrant-looking Mums Cremon in lavender.

Also included in my bouquet is a Carnation Fancy in dark pink.

This fully-bloomed Mum is really pretty!

This orange rose is not yet fully bloomed, but still pretty.

I’ve waited 24 hours to see how well they look, and here they are!

They are now looking even better, and they smell amazing too!

I really love these daisies! The blooms became more vibrant after a day!

The water in the vase for a day sure has worked wonders! They all seem so fresh.

The mums, as you can see, have shown their full beauty!

The spider green mums have opened more like they are inviting bees to pollinate them.

Looking at my blooms up close is just pleasing to the eyes… I will never get tired of staring at these beauties!

I love how orange roses can stand alone or can be mixed with other varieties.

My carnation is looking good along with the greens and purples. I wonder how it will look like in full bloom.

All the elements work well together and even though they are in different colors they blend really well, especially now that they have water! I can see their potential in full bloom.

Here are the flowers 5 days after I received them, all still looking gorgeous!

I’m amazed by how well they held up! The flowers have different stages of blooms when I received them and even after 5 days, each of them looked fresh!

The flowers are all in full bloom, the carnation looks lovelier than the first 24 hours they’re here!

Even the mums look livelier than before! It’s just amazing!

They were still buds when they arrived and it’s fulfilling that I was able to see them bloom.

The roses bloom elegantly, I am so happy with how my bouquet turned out days after I received them.

I think I should buy a bigger vase. This bouquet is definitely giving me good vibes and inspiration to get flowers more frequently in my home. I could also see making an arrangement with more bud vases and bowls and really spread them out.

These blooms are beautiful! I like all the flower varieties included and I am definitely happy with how they turned out after a day. More so after 5 days, when they’re all in full bloom the colors became more vibrant. With the exception of only a few broken stems, everything came fresh and protected with the packaging and none wilted while being delivered so I’m happy about that! It’s also perfect for gifting, they even provide a card if you decide to do so. It can be a perfect subscription for people who love flowers, and it is different than your usual bouquet deliveries because The Bouqs gives you a chance to grow them and see the flowers actually bloom. I was a little hesitant to go for a flower subscription because it’s a mystery, but I’m glad I tried it out. I set mine to every other month deliveries – I just hope I don’t get too addicted to having beautiful flowers in my home. And, they’ve lasted a really long time – they were very nice for two weeks (I switched out the water multiple times). They’re drying out now at 3 weeks but I could see how you could just let them set and subscribe for monthly deliveries and just swap out when you receive new ones.

The Bouqs is easy, non-gimmicky, with modern non-kitschy designs. Just visit their website if you’re looking for fantastic arrangements! It’s really worth a try!

What do you think of The Bouqs?


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