Mystery Sweets April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Mystery Sweets Box is a themed candy box that delivers monthly. Boxes may contain classic candies, new candy brands, and candies from around the world!

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Everything in my Mystery Sweets Box! It is amazing how much they packed in to that little box! Though there was no card to herald the theme, it was immediately obvious that this was a SOUR themed box.

Nice jar!

Lolli & Pops Gummy Bears. These gummy candies are the best! They were sour and yummy, but there was no irritating effect on the tongue even when I had lots of them.

We received the gummies in 4 flavors: raspberry, cherry, mango, and orange. They’re all dusted with sour sugar! I love the classic bear shape, and the colors were nice and bright, too.

Warheads Sour Jelly Beans ($1.65) Who doesn’t love jelly beans? These small bean-shaped candies are made with a sour shell and a surprisingly sweet center!

They came in various sour flavors: sour apple, sour cherry, sour orange, sour watermelon, sour lemon, and sour blue raspberry!

The sour coating leaves the beans looking kinda funny, like fruity pebbles, but they’re really tasty! I like the contrast of flavors! I expected them to be super sour, because they are Warheads brand, but they weren’t too extreme, and they didn’t taste overly sour when eaten amongst and contrasted with the other items in the box.

Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy ($2.38) Inside the toxic waste drum packaging are individually wrapped candies with an extremely sour flavor. They challenge you to see how long you can keep it in your mouth, but the sour intensity peaks at about 15 seconds, and it is smooth sailing after that point.

Each drum includes contains around 15 pieces of wrapped candies, enough to invite your friends and families over for a sour taste showdown. There was a mix of flavors, including apple, lemon, blue raspberry, watermelon, and black cherry.

All of the sour is in the outer coating, and the inside is sweet and soothing — if you can hold out long enough to make it to the center!

This pretty white box with a gray ribbon contains…

…13 pieces of colorful candies!

It didn’t come with any label, so we weren’t sure about its ingredients and what the flavors are. I tried the yellow one and it tastes quite sour. If you love both hard candy and sour candy, you’ll probably like this too.

Tangy Zangy Twist Sticks In Sour Wild Berry ($3) Made with real fruit juice, these candy sticks make a great sour candy fix even when you’re on the go.

I love the swirl of colors. They’re generously dusted with sour sugar too. They are soft and chewy, somewhere between a gummy and a Twizzler.

A cute little reminder from Mystery Sweets!

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.

All the remaining small treats were packed inside a clear plastic pouch.

They maybe small treats, but these candies are surely packed with flavor!

Pop Rocks Xtreme Super Loud Super Sour Popping Candy In Sour Berry Blast And Savage Sour Apple ($9) The intense flavor from this popping candy literally pops and tickles your mouth. You just have to put the sugary crystal pieces to your tongue and let it crack!

Rip Rolls In Green Apple ($1.10) It’s a green apple flavored candy, dusted with sour sugar and rolled just like a tape!

This steam rolled chewy candy is 40 inches long, but don’t worry, you are allowed to tear it into smaller pieces for consumption.

Gilliam Sour Watermelon – SIMILAR ($5) These old-fashioned hard candy sticks have a distinct tart taste.

It’s made of pure cane sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, and artificial flavorings. The watermelon flavor is so noticeable but there’s also a tingly sour end taste! I think the candy itself is very pretty, as well.

Shock Your Buds Crystal Sour ($4.95) Packed in cute test tube shaped plastic, these rock candy crystals come in different fruit flavors.

We got 3 three candy flavors: pineapple, blueberry, and orange. They do taste fruity, but still with a kick of sourness. You can even combine all three flavors and taste them in one go!

For my first Mystery Sweets box, I must say I’m impressed! Although they focused on sour flavors, there was still a nice variation of candy, including gummy bears, candy sticks, hard candies, and even sour belts! It is a mystery box, so the only risk is that you may get a theme you aren’t crazy about — within the theme, though, the selection and amount of candy is fantastic. These are great as lunchbox treats or as a midday pick-me-up for work. I also shared some of the candies with the kids and they loved it, especially the jellybeans and the twist sticks! Whether you love candies or you simply want to have a stash of treats ready for your family or friends, getting a Mystery Sweets box is a great idea!

What do you think of the new Mystery Sweets box?

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Mystery Sweets Box is a themed candy box that will arrive at your door monthly with old and new candies, and candies from around the world!

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