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Little Passports World Edition is a monthly kids’ educational subscription box with fun activities about the different countries in the world. This box is designed for children 6-10. Your child will learn about the geography and culture of the world with a monthly delivery of around the world adventures.

Everything inside the box!

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A Letter From Sam & Sofia. Konnichiwa! In this letter, Sam and Sofia told us about their adventure in Japan.

They went to Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world, and climbed up Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain. They also ate sushi and made origami! That sounds really fun!

Passport Stamp & Map Marker. The box includes a sticker featuring Mt. Fuji and a passport stamp with Japan’s flag and a blue pin marker.

Boarding Pass. Since the activities from this subscription box are all about traveling around the world, each month will have a different boarding pass depending on the country that will be featured. In this box’s boarding pass, Sam and Sofia are wearing traditional Japanese clothing.

You can use the information on the passes to check the website for pictures and other fun stuff. All aboard!

Himeji Castle Postcard. This postcard shows the stunning beauty of the Himeji Castle, one of the most popular castles in Japan and also a World Heritage Site.

On the back of the postcard is a brief description and history of the tourist destination featured on the front. It’s important for adventurers to have at least some information on tourist spots.

Every box includes a new postcard and fun fact from the destination!

Sushi Eraser. As mentioned in the letter, they sent a sushi eraser to commemorate Sofia’s first sushi experience.

This looks exactly like a real sushi!

The sushi eraser comes in three parts which can be easily disassembled.

Flying Paper Dinosaur Origami. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. We also get to experience making our own origami through this kit!

There’s an instruction sheet, as well as mulit-colored and printed Japanese paper!

Activity Booklet. Each month, there’s an activity book included that’s focused on the destination country. It has fun activities that will allow you to learn more about the different countries in the world.

The activity pictured above is a Japanese symbol search!

There’s a feature about bento boxes, a Japanese meal complete with rice, fish or meat, fruits, and vegetables. These meals are usually creatively exceuted too, like those panda and cat-shaped rice balls on the illustration!

The next activity is all about haiku!

Haiku is a non-rhyming Japanese poem that includes three lines. The first line must have five syllables, the second line must have seven syllables, and the last line must have five syllables.

For starters, there’s a fill in the blanks activity where words are already provided and the kids just have to pick which one they like. When they’ve finally grasped the concept, they can move forward and write their own from scratch!

The last activity is about making carp kites. For this activity you will need a white fabric, scissors, fabric paint, fabric glue, cardboard, stapler, hole puncher, string, and ribbon. Carp is more commonly known in Japan as koi, and they consider it as a symbol of strength.

We put the Mt. Fuji sticker on my daughter’s Little Passport mini suitcase!

This bag tag is kawaii (cute)!

Another country stamp sticker is added to my daughter’s booklet!

You can learn more about Japanese food at Little Passports website.

My daughter enjoyed the haiku activity! Also notice that she wore her sushi leggings to do this box – she was super excited!

She also had fun looking for identical symbols representing Japan’s culture!

Of course, we couldn’t let this pass without making our own origami!

Tadah! Our first finished product is a dog origami!

We also tried making a bird origami!

The instructions come with illustrations, and it’s pretty easy to follow even for kids.

Done with Japan! I wonder where we’re going next!

It’s nice getting a glimpse of a country’s culture through this subscription box. Everything’s kid-friendly, from the activities to the items/souvenirs. This month, we even received an origami kit which everyone enjoyed doing. It reminded us of the novel Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes too.

Children who have yet to learn reading might need help when going through the activities, but older kids can do everything on their own. The best thing is that all of these are portable. You can bring them to keep the kids occupied during road trips or even when just waiting around during errands!

What do you think of Sofia and Sam’s worldwide trip this month? Let us know in the comments!

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