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Little Passports World Edition is a monthly kids’ educational subscription box with fun activities about the different countries in the world. This box is designed for children 6-10. Your child will learn about the geography and culture of the world with a monthly delivery of around the world adventures.

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Everything inside the box!

A Letter From Sam & Sofia. Shalom! In this letter, Sam and Sofia narrated their wonderful adventure while they were in Israel.

They visited a lot of wonderful places like the Dead Sea, the Wailing Wall, and some sacred places in Jerusalem.

Passport Stamp & Map Marker. The box includes a sticker featuring the Star of David and a passport stamp with the Israel Flag and a blue pin marker.

A Boarding Pass. Since the activities from this subscription box are all about traveling around the world, each month will have a different boarding pass depending on the country that will be featured. In this box’s boarding pass, Sam and Sofia are reading a book about Israel, and behind them is the Israeli flag.

You can use the information on the passes to check the website for pictures and other fun stuff. All aboard!

Dead Sea Postcard. One of the places they have visited is the Dead Sea, located on the west border of Israel. It is one of the most famous bodies of water in the world. It’s famously hypersaline water makes floating easy, and its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments at area resorts.

On the back of the postcard is a brief description and history of the tourist destination featured on the front. It’s important for adventurers to have at least some information on tourist spots.

Every box includes a new postcard and fun fact from the destination!

Dreidels. It’s the Jewish variant on the teetotum, a gambling toy found in many European cultures. Each side of the dreidel bears a letter of the Hebrew alphabet: נ‬ (Nun), ג‬ (Gimel), ה‬ (Hei), ש‬ (Shin).

We tried spinning it and it’s fun!

Activity Booklet. Each month, there’s an activity book included that’s focused on the destination country. It has fun activities that will allow you to learn more about the different countries in the world. The activity pictured above is a a letter hunt featuring the Hebrew alphabet.

Another activity we have is Spin the Dreidel! You just have to spin the toy and whatever symbol it falls to will award you a corresponding prize.

The activity booklet is not just about games and fun activities, they also have a portion wherein they will teach you to bake Hamantaschen cookies! These cookies are filled-pocket cookies or pastry recognizable for its triangular shape, usually associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim and Haman, the villain in the Purim story.

Another country stamp sticker is added to my daughter’s booklet!

We also put the Star of David sticker on her Little Passport mini suitcase!

Israel is now pinned on our map too. My daughter is getting more familiar with the names of different countries!

Aren’t these bag tags cool?

My kids finished Letter Hunt easily!

The next destination has been revealed, we’re bound to Thailand for the next box!

We had a great bonding time answering these activities!

It’s another quality box from Little Passports! The activities are fun and age-appropriate, and this month they even sent us a unique and interesting toy which we took turns in playing. The kids surely learned a lot about Israel through them! Children who have yet to learn reading might need help when going through the activities, but older kids can do everything on their own. The best thing is that all of these are portable. You can bring them to keep the kids occupied during road trips or even when just waiting around things!

What do you think of Sofia and Sam’s worldwide trip this month? Let us know in the comments!

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