Little Life Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – May 2018

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Little Life Box is a Canadian monthly healthy box subscription. For $23 CAD (+$5 shipping), you will receive 8 to 12 items ranging from snacks to beauty products and supplements. The items are a mix of sample and full-size products. When you subscribe, you choose between the original and the vegan box. This review is for the original box! Good News, they now ship to the USA and shipping is free! Items in the US box might differ from the Canadian one.

DEAL: Save 25% on your first month! Use coupon code LLB25.

Everything in the box.

Smart Lime lemonade by Bolema. A mix of lime and lemon juice with sugarcane, Ashwagandha and Asian ginseng. It tastes like a nice lemonade with a hint of ginseng. It is supposed to help for memory and to help cognitive functions and reduce mental fatigue. I haven’t noticed anything after drinking it, only that it was refreshing.

Delverde Penne Rigate with chickpeas. Note, this is not a gluten-free pasta as it’s a mix of chickpeas flour and wheat flour. It cooks like your usual pasta, and I didn’t notice any overwhelming flavor once mixed with a sauce.

Chew Pod energy on Demand. This is an easy way to get a kick from caffeine without drinking coffee. Each chewpod contains 50mg of caffeine, 50mg of taurine, 15mg of Vitamin B6 and 15mg of Vitamin B5. A portion is TWO chewpod, so you’ll get some effect for sure! I was actually surprise by the kick I got from them. I’m not sure they helped me stay awake or get on longer runs, but they definitively had a jittery effect, like when I drink too much coffee in a day, but without the stomach pain! I’ll use them carefully.

Justin’s Hazelnut Almond Butter – chocolate – single squeeze packs. I say that everytime, but I LOVE Justin’s nuts butter. Especially their almond butter. But I also like Nutella, I just find it too sweet as I get older. So what a mix of the best of both worlds is? A delicious spread! When it’s cold, I’ll warm a packet by rubbing it between my hands to make it easier to spread.

Patsypie Smart Break Pause Santé – Chocolate. Delicious little chocolate cookies that are gluten-free, vegetarian and organic. I found them a bit dry, but they were perfectly sweet.

Nova Scotia Fisherman – Forest Charcoal Soap. I like how soft it is on the skin and it smells really good, but doesn’t linger on the skin. The skin is left nicely soft!

Burt’s Bees Natural Tinted Lip Balm. I love Burt’s Bees Lip balms, they feel great on the lips and it stays on for a while, even after drinking a lot. There’s a little tint to this balm that add just a bit of color, but it’s not showy.

Nature’s Aid Skin Gel. This gel contains Aloe Vera, glycerine, witch hazel, rosemary leaf extract and tea tree leaf oil. It has a neutral clean scent and it’s cool on the skin.

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo single serving. At first, I was happy to get vegenaise (I love vegenaise!), but they are made with eggs. It’s only the type of oil that is changed for avocado oil. It’s quite tasty and I might go for a jar of avocado oil mayo next time I buy mayo! I like the convenience of small package for portion control!

Caf-Lib Grain Beverage with Chicory. Being a coffee addict, this substitute taste sweet. It doesn’t have any of the coffee bitterness, but it smells like coffee. My first sip was surprising, but it’s tasty and I could drink that instead of coffee if I wanted to reduce my caffeine intake.

Evive is a brand of ready-made smoothies. They come in convenient little wheels from which you pop 4 triangles for a snack, or 8 for a meal, in a glass with water, shake and enjoy! I’ve already tried two flavors (Asana and Pure) and they are really good!

I enjoyed this month’s box as there was a nice balance between full size items, samples, beauty products and supplements. My favorites were the Justin’s Hazelnut and Almond butter, the pasta and both the chew pods and the Smart Lime lemonade. The coupon code for the Evive Smoothies will be put to good use as this is something I’ve already tasted and loved.

What did you think of March’s Little Life Box?

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