Kids BookCase Club May 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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BookCase.Club now has a subscription for children of all ages – the Kids BookCase Club! Starting at $9.99 each month, you’ll get monthly shipment of handpicked books that you and your kids will surely love. Each BCCKids case comes with three handpicked children’s books, chosen to ignite the imagination and inspire creativity.

You can customize the subscription depending on your child’s gender and age range. Available age categories are newborn to 2 years old, 2 to 4 years old, 5 to 6 years old, 7-8 years old, and pre-teen. This is the review of the box curated for 7-8 year old kids.

This month’s package arrived well-packed with pieces of paper providing extra support during transport. As always, we were so excited to see what was inside!

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Everything in the May 2018 box!

The One And Only Ivan By Katherine Applegate ($5.59)

Winner of the Newbery Medal and a #1 New York Times bestseller!

This unforgettable novel from renowned author Katherine Applegate celebrates the transformative power of unexpected friendship.

Inspired by the true story of a captive gorilla known as Ivan, this illustrated book is told from the point of view of Ivan himself. This paperback edition includes an author’s note highlighting the differences between the fictional story and true events, a version of the author’s Newbery Medal acceptance speech, Ivan’s “signature,” discussion questions, and more.

Having spent twenty-seven years behind the glass walls of his enclosure in a shopping mall, Ivan has grown accustomed to humans watching him. He hardly ever thinks about his life in the jungle. Instead, Ivan occupies himself with television, his friends Stella and Bob, and painting. But when he meets Ruby, a baby elephant taken from the wild, he is forced to see their home, and his art, through new eyes.

In the tradition of timeless stories like Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, Katherine Applegate blends humor and poignancy to create an unforgettable story of friendship, art, and hope.

The One and Only Ivan features first-person narrative; author’s use of literary devices (personification, imagery); and story elements (plot, character development, perspective).

Plus don’t miss Katherine Applegate’s Endling series!

This a Special Edition print and it includes a full-color artwork illustration by Patricia Castelao, an author’s note from Katherine Applegate, The Newberry Medal acceptance speech, a letter from Ivan’s caretaker at Zoo Atlanta, Ivan’s signature, and other sketches and illustrations that were not a part of the original book.

The inside sleeve of the book gives you a glimpse of what this story is all about. Ivan, who is the easygoing gorilla, is used to seeing humans behind the glass walls. He has befriended the animals around him and his love for art is what keeps him busy. Until Ruby, the baby elephant arrives which changed everything for Ivan. The rest is worth discovering with your kids.

Inside the book are cute illustrations of Ivan and the rest of the characters. In this page, we see Ivan and Ruby talking with each other. The text is large, making for an easier read.

It’s a great story about compassion and empathy. There are funny parts and there are sad parts, but it’s an overall heartwarming read for the kids. My daughter is also super excited about Endling by the same author!

The Life Of Ty By Lauren Myracle ($18.17)

Ty Perry’s second-grade life is crazier than ever.

He’s trying hard not to worry too much, but that’s not easy when his brain is filled with so many thoughts, like finally finding a pet for Baby Maggie, his sometimes-crazy classmates, and the dreaded neck-pinch-of-death. And then there’s his upcoming recitation about doing an act of kindness in front of the whole class!

Ty remains his wacky, curious self in this bighearted second installment of the Life of Ty series. Practicing kindness, random or not, doesn’t take that much worrying after all. Being kind is part of being Ty.

The Life of Ty book series is a light read about school life, and it also imparts various life lessons to kids. Last month, we received Non-Random Acts of Kindness and the kids loved it, so we’re totally delighted to get another book from the series!

This installment is called Friends Of A Feather and it seems that Joseph, Ty’s best friend, is out of the hospital so Ty is planning on spending lots of time with him.

There are illustrations here and there, and just like the previous Life of Ty book we read, it was filled with funny moments too.

The Gauntlet By Eoin Colfer ($10.08)

Tony Stark is known throughout the world as many things: billionaire, inventor, Avenger. But mainly for being the Invincible Iron Man.

Just when Tony is about to add his pizzazz to an international eco-summit in Ireland, someone close to him forces him to question his role in making the world a more dangerous place with his high-tech weaponry. But Stark doesn’t have much time to reflect before an old enemy presents him with an even greater challenge: the assassination of all the eco-ministers, and Iron Man himself. Just how invincible Iron Man is when he is stripped of everything remains to be seen in this breathless adventure by the best-selling author of Artemis Fowl.

We’re big Marvel fans, so my kids are already familiar with Tony Stark and his mission of redeeming the legacy of Stark Industries. Seeing this in the box made them really excited!

It’s an entertaining and witty story, with funny parts all throughout. Everything is set in Ireland, making it even more interesting for the kids.

It’s recommended for ages 9 – 12, but anyone who is an Iron Man fan would surely love it too. We also had some fun discussions about Gaelic pronunciations!

Kids BookCase Club impressed us once again with their book choices! This month’s box contains three totally different books. One is a heartwarming read, the other is light and funny, and there’s also a really cool book for the Marvel fans. If they have one thing in common, it’s the fact that they’re interesting and age-appropriate! Also, I find the difficulty level of each book to range from easy to difficult which I think is a great idea to test your child’s reading abilities or if you have multiple readers from different age ranges. To sum it up, we’re happy to fill our shelves with great reads for the kids and we can’t wait for next month!

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