Kawaii Box May 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Kawaii Box, from the same company who runs Japan Candy Box, is a monthly subscription featuring cute items ranging from plushies to stationery and everything in between. Each box has 8-10 kawaii items, with featured brands including Sanrio, SanX, Popin Cookin’, Rilakkuma, Totoro, AlPacasso, HiChew, Pocky, and more. They offer a monthly plan, a 6-month plan, and a 12-month plan. Shipping is free worldwide.

All the items are nicely wrapped in a tissue paper.

The box is full of kawaii-ness to the brim!

Happy Birthday, Kawaii Box! Here is the information card that was included in the box – even the card is super cute!

Kawaii Box always includes 10-12 fun & totally adorable goodies.

Let’s see what we got!

Everything in my box!

Blippo Neko Doughnut Squishy. The cute doughnut squishy arrived wrapped in plastic. There’s a Blippo sticker on the bottom right corner.

It’s a yellow Neko cat that looks like a doughnut. It has cute pointy ears, whiskers, and those adorable little paws that make you want to pick it up and squish it! Oh wait, this is what it’s exactly designed for!

The cat doughnut squishy even has a tail. This additional design really captures a cat’s features.

There is a doughnut hole in the middle of its tummy which works because a doughnut cannot be a doughnut without that hole in the middle. Such a kawaii stress reliever!

Fluffy Flamingo Ink Pen. The pink pen has a cute fluffy flamingo charm attached to the cap!

It’s a fine tipped pen which is good for writing in your notebook. The fluffy flamingo charm is really soft too!

Blippo Sweet Doughnuts Purse. This purse had me at cherries and doughnuts. It has a cute strap attached to it so you can easily grab it from the bottom of your bag.

The purse can hold coins and small trinkets. It’s a cute way of keeping the stuff inside my bag organized so I like it!

Japanese Traditions Sticker Sheets. The Sakura fever is not yet over! This sticker sheet is all about Sakura and various Japanese traditions. It also features dogs, which are nothing but adorable!

Each sticker has gold foil patterns on it. You can use these to decorate your gadgets, notebooks, and whatnot.

Popcan Disney Characters Lollipop. Here, we have Stitch on the wrapper of a grape-flavored lollipop! It’s bigger than the usual lollipop and it’s really fruity too.

Blippo Geeky Animals Hair Pins. Barrettes have never been so kawaii! There are three geeky animal hairpins in the box, which are all small, colorful, and cute.

They sort of remind me of Judy Hops!

They do have a good grip, we tried them on and they didn’t slip easily.

Sanrio Characters Sticker Notes. Who’s the cutest of them all? Of course, it’s Hello Kitty! Included in the box is a Hello Kitty standing sticky note, and it’s so adorable I can’t wait to use it on my desk.

The back of the packaging shows you how to use the sticky notes.

Here’s how the sticker note looks like when you open the notepad. It even has a background design.

As indicated on the back of the sticker note, you should fold the base so you can leave the sticky note standing.

You can use the notepad even without the stand too.

Neko Onsen Mini Notebook. It’s a mini notebook featuring cats on the cover. It comes with its own special plastic cover.

The pages of the notebook come in different colors, plus the cats seem to be having fun frolicking on each page!

You’ll see these cats fishing, taking a bath, even having a picnic. They take up a big space on the pages, but I don’t really mind because they’re kawaii!

Korean DIY Cross Stitch Kit. This DIY cross stitch kit features a pattern of a bear holding a camera.

At the back of the packaging is an illustration of how the finished project should look.

Everything is detailed in this picture. Even you’re a newbie this project will get done in no time. My hands are itching to start this DIY cross stitch kit already!

They also provided instructions. Although it’s written in Korean, the illustrations make them easy to understand.

This is a fun piece to work on because the border is already stitched on the fabric. All that you have to do is to fill out the spaces with the threads that are included in the kit.

It has a cushion at the back.

Here are all the threads included in the DIY cross stitch kit!

Morinaga Strawberry Choco Ball. They once again proved that strawberry and chocolate is a wonderful idea. The box features an adorable bird named Kyuro-chan.

These candy balls are oh so delicious! They’re creamy and chocolate-y, with a delicious hint of strawberry.

This is one jampacked Kawaii Box! Since I’m a huge fan of anything cute, I enjoyed everything in the box – from the squishy down to the edible treats. My favorite has got to be the DIY stitching kit. It makes an enjoyable off-screen activity and it’s just really nice seeing your cross stitch pattern taking shape. Of course, anything Sanrio and Hello Kitty is my thing too. On the whole, this box served as our monthly dose of kawaii and we’re excited to get more cute items to add to our collection of kawaii stuff!

What did you think of this month’s Kawaii Box?

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