Halo Legendary Crate April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Halo Legendary Crate is the subscription box for the biggest Halo fans in the world. Every other month, you’ll get UNSC-approved loot like exclusive figurines, collectibles, in-game items, apparel, and more, for $34.99 + shipping bi-monthly.

Halo Legendary Crate is made to create the ultimate experience for Spartan super-soldiers!

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The theme is ARENA! I love the high-quality Halo artwork! The poster measures 17×11. This scene reminds me of the first time I ever played!

The back of the poster lists all the items included in the crate, fleshes out the theme, and has a digital content code for Halo 5!

Bonus! Halo Championship Series Premium Req Pack. This gives you access to digital content to enhance your Halo multiplayer experience.

All the goodies in the box! As usual, everything in this box is exclusive.

The box came with a top secret data drop.

Data Drop Files. These are the top secret documents that might aid you in your intense investigation.

For your eyes only!

Sniper Rifle Pin. Every box includes an exclusive pin from the game. This month, we got a Sniper Rifle pin!

The SRS99-S5 AM Rifle is gas-operated anti-materiél sniper rifle used by the United Nations Space Command. Aside from this variant, it is also available as a rare golden pin.

Arena Concert T-Shirt. It’s a concert-style tee from Halo to commemorate the game that started in 2001!

The shirt features MCPON John 117 and an assortment of armaments, plus the Latin phrase “Morior Invictus” which means “death before defeat.”

The back of the shirt lists all the arena maps of the game, from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 5: Guardians! Rock on.

UNSC Black Hat. Another item from this crate that I can wear when I go out of the house is this cool UNSC hat!

It features the United Nations Space Command logo, which shows an eagle. You can still see the emblem from a distance but the black on black design is just really awesome and understated.

Capture Flag Towel. Another UNSC-inspired item is this capture flag towel. The overall color of the absorbent towel is blue, and that makes the white-hued design noticeable. Soft and fun – and my other Loot Crate towels have held up remarkably well under high-washing (dirty kid) conditions!

Halo Icons Spartan Champion. This month’s figure is the Spartan Champion!

The back of its box has some info about the figure. Developed by Misriah Armory, the Champion combines the style and functionality of ATHLON-class armor with the latest performance features optimized for the Arena and Warzone multiplayer modes.

The figure comes in two attachable pieces: the base and the figure itself.

Combining the greatness of the Mjolnir and some enhancements makes it a better suit for the war games!

The paint job on this figure is really top of the line!

It also features the Halo Championship logo. The back of the figure shows some jetpacks to speed up and propel it to the air!

The Champions helmet has an inner layer that uses a magnetorheological dampening system designed to protect Spartan physiology. He looked all geared-up for the live wars!

The Halo figures from this crate can be connected at the base. Here’s everything we got so far!

Like the previous shirts that I got from this box, this month’s shirt is automatically a favorite item, plus the cool hat with the UNSC logo! They actually go well together and are perfect to wear for a day out. If you’re a fan of this sci-fi universe, or just love gaming or gaming loot, this subscription is a great way to get your hands on exclusive Halo items every other month – as long as the boxes arrive on time (this one did not!).

What do you think of this month’s box?

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