Geek Fuel April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Geek Fuel Monthly Mystery Box is filled with all kinds of geek surprises. It’s a geek & gamer subscription box with at least $40 worth of geek accessories and apparel with exclusive games, toys, gear, collectibles, and all things epic. This box always includes a Steam game code.

Geek Fuel has announced that it will be switching to a quarterly subscription beginning with the May box. Geek Fuel EXP will be $57 + $8 shipping per quarter. See more info on this move here.

DEAL: You’ll save $5 on your first box with this link – no coupon code needed!

Here’s a note from our friends at Geek Fuel about EXP. Can’t wait!

Every box includes a mini-magazine with fun content.

Yep, it’s the PUGNADO!

It contains geeky features and reviews!

I like that it’s glossy, and I definitely enjoyed the contents including this article about 2001: The Space Odyssey!

Meanwhile, this page is all about Top Ten ‘nadoes!

This one here provides info about this month’s pin from Pin Palz.

There’s even a gamer corner! Nice! It features Claude of War, Munster Hunter, Homer’s Odyssey, and this month’s included Steam game, the Cloudbase Prime!

Here’s an ultimate geeky gift guide if you run out of ideas. The featured item is a Boba Fett helmet!

Every item comes with a brief description so you can pick out what you think is best.

That WestWorld tattoo looks awesome and it’s under $50! #geekbod!

The info card has a rundown of all the items in the box.

This card reminds you to share a photo of this month’s shirt on social media for a chance to be published in the next Geek Fuel magazine.

Everything in my box!

Alien Pin Palz. Here’s the latest Pin Palz from Geek Fuel, and it’s ALIEN-themed!

The back of the package reviews each potential pin and its rarity. For this line you can get either Ellen, Ovomorph, Facehugger, the Xenomorph, or the rarest of them all, Chestburster!

We got Ellen Ripley!

Lieutenant First Class Ellen Louise Ripley is was a civilian adviser to the United States Colonial Marine Corps and a hugely influential figure in humanity’s encounters with the species Xenomorph XX121

This lady here even killed a Xenomorph queen! She looks jolly on this pin but she means serious business when dealing with the alien species.

Cloudbase Prime Steam Game. It’s a shooting game from Steam!

You are lost in the depths of a gas giant mining station where things have gone very, very wrong. Move terrain to clear paths, launch enemies, and fling yourself skyward. Get ready to shoot a lot of robots and jump into the colorful clouds of Cloudbase Prime!

Here’s the gameplay trailer of this month’s featured game. It works on both PC and Mac!

If you’re new to Steam, the packaging includes the step by step instructions to activate your product.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Neca Scalers. TMNT item up! It’s NECA Scalers! From the TMNT line, you can get one from the following: Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Bebop, or Rocksteady.

NECA Scalers are cute minis that you can hang on your cords, cables, or even shoelaces!

Here’s Rocksteady holding on to a little tube that also comes in the packaging. He’s one of the antagonists in the series who was once a human Russian arms dealer then turned into a mutant white rhino!

Detail-wise, I’d say they captured his aggressive and humorless look! He has this jagged horn ripping out of his hook-lipped nose and sports a beige tank top with brown bandoliers, pants, and boots!

Geek Fuel always have their shirts come packaged in a giftable box.

Limited Edition Avengers: Infinity Wars T-Shirt. Oh yes! It’s another Thanos shirt! I was so hyped up when I saw this one!

You’d hate the guy given he’s the main antagonist on the Avengers but having him on a shirt like this is just so rad you’d start to love him on almost everything (or maybe not!). I’d say this design is so fantastic, even without the stones on the gauntlet, the color combinations are just mind-blowing, goes well with the shirt’s black totality!

Mystery Key Chain: Star Wars Millenium Falcon Metal Replica. The packaging looks really mysterious!

I got a Millennium Falcon that I can always carry around!

The Millennium Falcon, original designation YT-1300 492727ZED, was a Corellian YT-1300f light freighter most famously used by the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca during the Galactic Civil War. In the time following the Battle of Endor, Imperial turncoat Ralsius Paldora noted that every 2.2 out of 300 stormtroopers were aware of the Falcon‘s existence

It has great details even for a little metal keychain that you can compare it to the figures that the producer, Quantum Mechanix, also have available.

It’s always exciting when the Falcon makes an appearance!

It’s definitely one of my favorite items in the box!

Compared to the last box, this one’s more awesome! I really, really love the geeky stuff this box is fueling me every month and this month, the shirt and the keychain are my definite faves! The NECA scaler is fun too! I wish I’d get a rare item next time… The pin is okay but I was hoping to get a scarier looking one like the Xenomorph itself, or the rarest of them all, I am really lucky when it comes to chase items. Nonetheless, it’s still a great box and I’m looking forward to even better geeky stuff in EXP!

What do you think of this month’s Geek Fuel box?

Visit Geek Fuel to subscribe or find out more!


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