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  • Corrie Graven

    So not happy with the towel. Definitely not worth what it’s listed for not real happy with the make up case either and I definitely wouldn’t have chosen the towel had I known I was going to have to pay extra for the make up case apparently I didn’t understand that but live and learn. The towel is very cheap I have home towels that are better than that and have the color is woven all through them front and back this is only printed on one side and it looks cheap and it is cheap it does not Absorb well

  • jaclynsmusings

    My very first FFF is supposed to arrive today! I ultimately subscribed to an annual sub so that I could choose all the variation items. Am tempted to order a 2nd box so as to divide up as birthday gifts for my bff and lil sister. I’ve wanted to try a Foreo Luna for years! I think my bff would like the Luna Fofo as well which is primarily why I’m considering ordering a 2nd box.

  • pudgekat

    It takes a aaa battery. The Luna play is not rechargeable. The Foreo is great, leaves my skin clean and smooth like I just got a facial.

  • Torie Parker

    Does anyone know if the Luna FoFo is rechargeable like the others by Foreo? Also, does the back side still treat “anti aging”? I am grateful to be receiving this item, however, I wanna know more about it. I feel like it’s a great deal to receive this in the FFF summer box, but I do notice a big difference in the FoFo’s retail value vs the other ones.. what’s the deal?

  • Brynn Carter

    I dont understand the annual member customization thing. Are those products completely excluded for seasonal members or are the included but just randomly selected for seasonal members?

    • Hello Subscription

      The latter – included but randomly selected!

  • Lauralee

    Is the editor box still available? I can’t get the code to work.

    • Hello Subscription

      If the code isn’t working then it’s sold out. It was available when we posted. Sorry 🙁