DegustaBox UK April 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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DegustaBox UK is a monthly subscription box that brings your favorite food and snacks to your doorstep. The subscription costs £12.99 per month and you’ll get a box filled with 10-15 products and goodies! This box is always full of so many new things to try.

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This box is really well decorated inside and out. While the outside has little food items on it, the inside is full of bright green words. Plastic wrap and brown butcher paper keep all the contents safe.

The April Box is gearing up for Spring weather, with a focus on foods that are ideal for taking along on outdoor activities.

a2 Milk (£1.50) is natural cows’ milk that’s free from the A1 protein which can cause symptoms of milk intolerance in some people. The milk comes from cows that naturally produce only the easy to digest A2 protein, so it’s just real cows milk, with nothing added or removed. This is ideal for people with sensitive stomachs, but not for those with a milk protein allergy.

Idahoan’s Perfect Mash Roasted Garlic (£1.50) makes mashed potatoes in just 1 minute. This was my first time trying instant mashed potatoes at home. I was sceptical, but these were really tasty! They had a fluffy texture and the perfect amount of seasoning. I also used some of the dry flakes to coat plaice before pan frying – which created a perfect crunchy, golden crust.

The box contains two Milkbar Wowsomes (2 x £0.55), one in white chocolate and one white & milk chocolate flavour. These are oat cereal bars with a creamy filling, containing 30% less sugar than similar products and no artificial sweeteners.

I was expecting to like these, but I didn’t care for them. The flavour was okay, but the texture was kind of stodgy and the oat bar stuck really to my teeth.

Mindful Bites Squeeze Sachets (£1.49) are premium nut butters blended with superfoods in a unique array of flavours in convenient packaging. Each box contains one of four flavours of Mindful Bites, but I was lucky to get to try all four flavours: Hazelnut & Berries, Almond & Maca, Cashew Nuts & Baobab, Brazil Nuts & Cocoa Nibs. I love any nut butter, so I thought that these would be right up my alley. The consistency was more liquidy than I expected and would prefer, even after I had squished the pack around to mix it, and the flavours were okay but mild for my taste. These are a bit on the pricey side when compared with just buying a jar of nut butter, so I think there’s an element of paying for the intriguing addition of superfoods and also the convenient packaging.

I also received a huge 600g jar of Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread – a surprise not included on the info sheet. This chocolatey spread is low in sugar and sweetened with natvia, a naturally sourced sweetener. It is also free from palm oil, so it’s endorsed by the Orangutan Alliance. This has a nuttier, less sweet flavour than other similar products. It’s a nice alternative for those watching their sugar intake and those concerned about the detrimental impact of palm oil production on wildlife.

Mutti Passata (£1.40) and Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes (£1.00) are made only from Italian tomatoes, for a rich and sweet tomato flavour.

The box comes with recipes for Aubergine Parmigiana and Roasted Ratatouille Pasta, if you’re stuck for ideas.

April’s non-alcoholic Degustabox contain two cans of Juicy Fuel Cola (2 x £2.00), with is made with all natural ingredients, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. I recieved cherry and blueberry flavours. These exceeded my expectations – they are delicious! Unlike the typical big brands of cola which can be too sweet and syrupy, these are remarkably light and refreshing, with a bright fruit flavour and real cola taste. It’s a great alternative and, apparently, each can counts as one serving of fruit.

I also received a can of Happy Down Lychee Guava Chilli Crafted Sparkling Cocktail, which wasn’t on the info sheet. This is a hand blended, premixed cocktail with natural flavours and no preservatives. This had quite an unexpected chilli hit. This was refreshing and the flavour was okay, but the chilli overpowered the fruit.

The Food Doctor Full of Beans Protein Mix and Smokin’ Edamame Mix (2 x £1.00) are little snack packs of roasted and seasoned corn, broad beans and edamame. These were good!

I prefered the smoky flavour of the edamame mix, but both were a great little protein-packed savoury snacks. This is a light, crisp snack that is nicely seasoned, not too salty or overpowering, and at a very reasonable price point.

HARIBO Giant Strawbs (£1.29) are big, soft and chewy strawberry flavoured treats. I really like the soft texture and fruity flavour.

They’re also vegetarian, which is a bonus.

N!CK’s Kexbar (£1.20) contains layers of crispy chocolate wafer filled with smooth cream and covered with milk chocolate. Despite having no added sugar, this is very very sweet.

The super smooth chocolate filling was a great contrast with the crisp wafer, and paired perfectly with a cup of tea.

Strawberry and Banana LioBites Smoothie Bites (£2.35) are frozen and dried 100% fruit crisps. I expected these to be pieces of dehydrated fruit, but instead they were bright little blocks of freeze-dried pureed fruit and juice.

These tasted exactly like a strawberry & banana smoothie! Sweet and delicious.

Lucozade Energy Orange (£1.10) is the classic energy drink in a classic flavour, you can’t really go wrong.

The box contains two packs of TREK Protein Energy Chunks (2 x £1.15) in Toffee Triumph and Cocal Peanut Peak. These are high protein squares of fruit (mostly dates), nut, oat, and crunchies.

The ingredients are cold pressed and free from additives and syrups. They are also vegan, gluten and dairy free. These were yummy, just sweet enough with a hint of crunch for texture. The 60g packs are substantial, ideal for a more filling snack.

There were some nice surprises in April’s Degustabox – some of the products that I was most excited to try didn’t quite hit the mark, while others I wasn’t psyched about ended up being really great. My favourite product was the Juicy Fuel Cola.

Have you tried DegustaBox UK?

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