CrateChef April-May 2018 Review & Coupon!

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CrateChef is a bimonthly gourmet food and kitchen subscription box! Every box is curated by a top chef and the first month ships this week!  Each month’s box will be filled with new chef-selected foodie products: favorite local artisan food products, useful kitchen items, selected recipes and a personal letter to let you know why they chose each item.

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It’s filled with brown squiggles!

This month’s curator is Molly Yeh!

The card includes a list of all the products.

The Q and A with Molly Yeh gives us more details about the chef as the curator of this month’s box.

It’s really fun to read since we get to know Molly Yeh on a personal level.

Everything in the box!

There was a blank envelope in the box and it contains…

…these information cards for individual products included in the box.

There are also recipes that you can try, complete with easy to follow cooking instructions and photos!

Yogurt By Molly Yeh ($12.82)

Author Molly Yeh calls yogurt “the duct tape of dairy products,” and after you’ve cooked your way through this edition, you’ll understand why. She pushes past the parfaits and breakfast bowls to show yogurt’s ability to enhance everything from bread (see the yogurt pita recipe) to pasta (in a delicious take on mac and cheese) to pastries (hello, blueberry-labne scones).

At the back of the book, you will see more details about Molly Yeh as well as Short Stack, which produces these mini cookbooks (longtime box addicts will know what these are!). Here, we find out that Molly loves to travel as well.

This yogurt book contains different recipes that you can make such as the Mujadara Volcano with Spicy Yogurty Lava. The pages are all in pink! I’m so making this recipe. I love lentil dishes. Here’s my favorite (we have it up on the site so me & my bestie can reference it easily).

The cooking instructions are in paragraph form, but they’re easy to understand and to follow and you get to know the chef better this way. There are also fun illustrations for every recipe.

CrateChef Alphabet Cutter Collection. The cutters come in a round stainless steel box.

There’s a cutter for every letter of the alphabet. You can definitely make cute pastries out of these cutters!

Each letter is made from stainless steel and can be used for different types of dough. How cute! Because these are smaller they may be better for cut-outs than making cookies (although you can – just use a firmer dough).

Up next are two tin cans filled with sea salt!

The Original Maldon Sea Salt Flakes ($4.94) I like the flaky and crunchy texture of this sea salt. Its packaging make it easy to bring to restaurants or even when traveling.

The Original Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes ($2.60) The smoked sea salt comes in a darker shade compared to the sea salt flakes. It’s really smokey! Even the aroma is wonderful!

I’m a complete salt addict and have a salt shaker at every desk I use (plus a travel one!), so these are perfect for me. I love experimenting with different salts to see how they develop the flavor of my dish.

More artisan products, carefully packed with bubble wrap!

Premium Better Than Bouillon Roasted Chicken Base ($2.08) This roasted chicken base is ideal for making soups or for giving rice a more robust flavor. Among the ingredients included are roasted chicken and natural chicken juices, corn syrup solids, hydrolyzed soy protein, rendered chicken fat, and flavoring just to name a few. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a total treat. It’s an absolutely amazing way to give your food chef-flavor!

New York Shuk Signature Harissa ($12.95) It’s a premium chili pepper condiment that can give your food an extra kick to it. Made with dried chili peppers, this is perfect to use on sandwiches, burgers, or seasoning for various types of meat. It also makes an excellent ingredient for sauces and soups.

Other ingredients include non-GMO canola oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, spices, and salt.

It has a nice texture! We’ve actually tried this brand of harissa before, and it’s pretty life altering. This one was no different. One of the best condiment “designers” we’ve encountered!

New York Seed + Mill Organic Tahini Ideal for your vegan or paleo diet, this seed butter is made from roasted sesame seeds from Ethiopia. It’s gluten-free and dairy-free too.

You can add it to your dressings, bake into cookies, and even stir into yogurt!

It has a nice silky texture to it so you can easily mix it with your food. Since we recently added a Vitamix to our kitchen you know we’re making hummus with this!

Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract ($13.47) Vanilla extract is great for adding flavor to baked goods!  It’s also GMO-free, kosher-certified, and gluten-free.  Top notch vanilla makes top notch baked goods, and I was thrilled to receive this in the box – it’s also quite expensive now too, and I’ve never tried this brand! I think we’re going to make some vanilla ice cream with it to enjoy the sweet, pure flavor.

India Tree Nature’s Colors Carnival Mix ($11.37) Another baking must-have is this bottle of colorful sprinkles. It’s made with vegetable colorants instead of artificial coloring.

You can add it to cakes and cookies, as well as to ice cream and other desserts!

From kitchen tools to artisan products, Crate Chef had another wonderful month! I like the variety, and seeing everything just makes me want to go to the kitchen and cook up something great. This month, they even included lots of stuff for baking and I’m going to use them all up. The featured chef this month is also awesome, I like her yogurt recipes and I can’t wait to try them out!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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