Birchbox Limited Edition Birchbox x Solinotes Paris Kit Review + Coupon!

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This spring Birchbox released the new Limited Edition Birchbox x Solinotes Paris Kit. I love fragrance and enjoy discovering new brands and scents so I couldn’t wait to dive into this kit!

This kit is $7. I had never heard of this French fragrance brand so here’s what I found on their website:

The Solinotes eaux de parfum were specifically developed to be worn alone, or layered to create a unique signature scent.

With our new collection of 15 fragrances, a multitude of scented combinations can be created to suit your personality, style and mood.

A simple concept which, like a fashion accessory, gives each woman the freedom to flaunt her own identity and express her femininity!”

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The back of the card details all the scents and describes why they’re amazing!

Everything in my box!

The Birchbox Limited Edition Birchbox x Solinotes Paris Kit is $7 and includes:

Tiaré Eau de Parfum – Sample-size (82¢) Each scent had its own little card that listed the scent name in French. From the Solinotes website: “Tiare flower by Solinotes is an invitation to wander around the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. Tiare flower gradually makes way for intoxicating juicy peach, vanilla and ylang-ylang notes.”

The back of the card listed the name in English along with the ingredients.

Solinotes can be worn alone or mixed with other Solinotes scents so you can create your own personal scent!

The card gave a suggested scent pairing and listed the top, middle, and base notes of each scent. There are around 16 scents in the line but only 6 scents in the kit. Tiare is an oriental floral that has a warm, tropical vibe to it.

Mûre Eau de Parfum – Sample-size (82¢) “Blackberry by Solinotes, a tangy fragrance with a charming fruity vibe. After opening the show with compelling pomegranate and citrusy notes, sweet musk notes embrace a gourmet wild red berry accord.”

Notes include citrus, red berries, and musk.

Vanille Eau de Parfum – Sample-size (82¢) “Sumptuous vanilla, a sunny perfume with exotic accords on a blissful spicy base. Here, it unveils itself blended with white flowers and tonka bean, all on a subtly spicy base.”

I have to say this is my favorite vanilla-scented perfume! It is sweet and has an almost toasted candy aroma to it. Love it!

Musc Eau de Parfum – Sample-size ($8.24) “White Musk by Solinotes, a beguiling perfume with captivating, voluptuous notes. Refreshed by bergamot head notes, musk is enhanced by the glamour of rose and the sensuality of jasmine.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with a name like Musk but this was a light floral with jasmine.

Fleur d’Oranger Eau de Parfum – Sample-size (82¢) “A must-have by Solinotes: Orange Blossom! Blissful, radiant accords for a sensual fragrance. Test it ASAP…”

I love a sunny orange blossom scent and this one made me happy! Very bright and fresh!

Fleur de Cerisier Eau de Parfum – Sample-size (82¢) “Rediscover the must-have Cherry Blossom by Solinotes perfume, a vibrant fragrance with tender spring notes. A sweet, unforgettable perfume with cherry and red berry notes enhanced with refreshing lemon, mandarin and cardamom notes.”

Sweet, fruity, and perfect for spring.

I had a blast trying my new Solinotes fragrances! These were all very light and feminine and perfect for layering. I have to say though, at least on my body, these fragrances faded very quickly. I applied and then went grocery shopping and by the time I got back I couldn’t tell that I had put fragrance on at all. They are more like a body spray than a serious perfume. Of course, a full-sized bottle is only $20 so I think that may be what they are designed for. I think they are ideal for summer, when a light spray every couple of hours is better than a heavy fragrance that envelopes you in a cloud of funk in the heat and humidity. I also think these would make nice gifts for someone first trying out scent, such as a tween or teen. As for the samples, I really dislike the vial applicator and am not sure why anyone still uses them instead of a sprayer. I ended up with perfume all over my fingers and that’s just weird. The value was around $4.92, since as I mentioned, these are inexpensive perfumes.

What do you think of the Birchbox Limited Edition Birchbox x Solinotes Paris Kit? Which scent do you want to try? Let me know in the comments!

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