Bespoke Post Box Review & Coupon – April 2018

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Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription box offering sophisticated accessories, gear, and curated interest kits, although many of their offerings are unisex and would be equally appropriate for any woman with a rugged and adventurous side.

The monthly limited-edition boxes are built around a central, unique theme, and there are usually two or three new boxes to choose from every month. You can also skip the month if you’re not interested in any of the available boxes.

The box is carefully sealed to make sure that the item arrives undamaged.

The item arrived neatly and secured. They even put styrofoam on each corner making the item unscathed.

Each box includes a card that announces the theme. This box is called GREENHOUSE.

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The back of the intro card has a brief description of the items and explains why it is such an awesome choice for this curation. Most boxes have a small selection of items — usually one main item and some accessories. This particular box had one complex item.

Everything inside my box!

Glow Pear Mini Base Planter. It’s a self-watering planter set that uses a self-watering technology to ensure that the plants are fed how they want or when they want.

This planter is unlike any you’ve seen! It is specially designed to water your plants for you! One corner of the planter has a hatched opening where you pour in water. Once filled, the planter takes care of the rest.

It is specifically designed to ensure that the plants will still grow healthy even if it is not watered on time. The bottom of the tray is perforated with drainage holes to prevent drowning of your plants. A pair of pockets are sunk into the base to hold a pouch of dirt that acts as a wick to draw the required amount of water from the reservoir below.

This planter is constructed with hard wearing, UV and corrosion resistant materials for lasting usage. It has insets on each side to allow easy and discrete mounting on brackets. The bottom has an overflow drain to prevent overfilling of the reservoir. This is handy for plants that are outside, as it will automatically drain any excess rainwater. 

These fabric inserts are made of special wicking material. It acts as a barrier for the soil and root system, to keep it from entering the reservoir, and it constantly wicks water from below. A plug was included for the overflow tube — though it is intended to function without a plug, it can be stoppered to prevent potential damage to window sills or furniture when deployed indoors.

They provided a manual to guide you through set up and use.

For safety purposes, here are the things you should not do with the planter box. This was my favorite page. In case you were unclear, this planter is not to be used for surfing or as a lounger, despite its comfy appearance.

To ensure that the self-watering technology is activated, you have to pack the wicking pouches with dirt, soak them, and then line the planter with the base sheet. The instructions are accompanied by illustrations, so it’s easy to understand.

You have to soak the soil when first planting, and seedlings require some manual watering until they grow a bit. Mature plantings will draw sufficient water out of the soil to feed off the reservoir automatically.

Set up was very simple. The planter itself was already constructed — I just had to place the wicking pouches and soil.

Here they are ready for soaking.

This part of the planter box serves as the water indicator.

It pop up to signal that the planter box already contains a sufficient amount of water in the reservoir.

Before putting in the soil, you have to completely place this fabric root barrier first. It covers the base of the planter and prevents the soil from entering the water reservoir.

When everything is done properly, Just fill-in the planter box with soil and it is ready to go.

They also provided four options for watering your box.

1) via rainwater, if exposed to the elements

2) manually water the soil in the growing chamber using a garden hose, drip system or watering can

3) manually fill the water reservoir via the fill point when the level indicator is low

4) clip in a hose and irrigate directly into the reservoir

The water indicator pops-up, meaning my planter box contains enough water to feed my plants.

Everything is properly set-up and I’ll just wait for my plants to grow. I love how this planter box works, so convenient!

This month’s Bespoke item is great for anyone who is into gardening, even for those who are not naturally born with a green thumb or those who don’t have enough time to take care of plants. This item surely gives me a reason to continue growing plants without worrying about if I can check up on them from time to time. Bespoke has been very consistent in bringing up items that are so useful for our daily lives, and this month is not an exception!

What did you think of the Bespoke Post GREENHOUSE box?

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