Wigglebutt Box Dog Subscription Box Review – January 2018

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Wigglebutt Box is a subscription box of “yummy and fun surprises for you and your dog that are delivered right to your door every month.” Each box contains a seasonal kerchief, a roll of poop bags, and a combination of 3-5 toys/treats/accessories. Boxes are tailored to your pet’s size and toy treatment. Pet parents are not forgotten either; there’s a gift included for you too! Plans start at $35/month, but you can increase your savings by choosing a longer subscription option (3-month, 6-month, and annual plans available). Plus, a portion of the proceeds from every box sold will go towards an animal charity.

I get the small dog/average play Wigglebutt box for my fur babies, Lily and Lexi.

Getting some new beginning/flower power vibes from Mia and April this month. This card is such a pretty start to the new year.

The information card has a list of box contents along with a brief description and prices. Unless noted otherwise, the prices below are the same as on the card. 

I see a lot of things in January’s Wigglebutt Box that are going to make my little girls super happy!

Spots Ethical Pets | Plush Nubbins – Alligator ($16.99): This has Lily’s name written all over it. She loves plush toys and this little guy has all kinds of textures to keep her interested for a while. He’s also got a squeaker that I know she will use and is long enough that she can play tug o’ war with Lexi. I had a hard time finding this specific toy, so the link is for another Ethical Pets alligator.

Hyper-Pet | Mini Tennis Ball ($1.98): And here’s a toy for Lexi. I’m sure you’ve seen me mention her love of balls. This mini tennis ball is made of Grade A rubber and promotes dental health while playing. Amazon.com sells these in a 4-pack that ranges between $4-$6 in cost. Not sure why, but the orange is the priciest of the colors?!?

Puppy Scoops | Ice Cream Mix For Dogs – Maple Bacon ($7.50): Like me, the girls love their ice cream. Puppy Scoops are made with real milk (lactose free for easier digestion) and less sugar and calories than many other frozen pet treats, so you can feel good about giving this to your pup. Simply mix the powder base with hot water and freeze for a creamy dessert. I think the girls are going to go nuts over the maple bacon flavor. The last time I got this for them, it was vanilla and they killed it (in a good way).

Zuke’s | Z•Filets – Grilled Chicken Recipe ($6.99): Chicken is the first ingredient in these meaty treats. They are also flavored with antioxidant rich herbs such as rosemary, tumeric, and sage. The grain free recipe is also good for dogs with food sensitivities. Always fans of meaty treats, my girls loved these.

Smokehouse | Large Bacon Skin Twist ($2.99): This chew treat is made by slow roasting a large piece of bacon skin. I was able to cut this in half (using a good pair of kitchen scissors) so that each of the girls got a piece that was about 4″ long. The chews didn’t last nearly as long as a bully stick or rawhide, but they did keep the girls occupied for a while. Bonus was that both girls enjoyed these – that doesn’t usually happen with chew treats in our house.

**Parent Gift ** Bicycle | “The Dog” Playing Cards ($6.95): Am I the only one who saw these and immediately thought of the old dogs playing poker painting? These cards feature 54 different dog breeds captured in all their adorability on a white background. So, I guess you can play poker with the dogs now. LOL! Note – I found these cards for about half the price at Walmart.com.

Seasonal Kerchief | Wigglebutt Box ($6.00): A classic polka dot pattern in black and white to start the new year. I can’t wait to get this on one of the girls. It should compliment their black and white coloring well.

Dog Waste Bags | Amazon ($0.50): A staple that I can never have too many of.

Our January Wigglebutt Box had a listed value of $50, excluding the estimated cost of shipping (an $8 value that is listed on the information card). However, based on similar items that I found, this value is a little inflated. Although I am not thrilled with the value, it is more than the cost of a single box and I didn’t have to go out shopping for the items. The items in this month’s box were all a hit. Again, that is something I can appreciate since each of my picky girls was able to enjoy/use everything. I can’t wait to see what we get next month… Will there be a Valentine’s theme?

Don’t forget to tag Wigglebutt Box with pictures of your wigglebutt on social media. And now onto gratuitous, and untagged, pictures of Lily and Lexi with this month’s box.

Lexi checking out the Smokehouse bacon twist.

She only dropped the chew because I showed her the ball. I wish I had noticed the hitchhikers on her leg before I took this picture.

And here’s Lily. She’s the picky eater and has to thoroughly inspect her food before eating.

What did you think of this month’s Wigglebutt Box? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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