Snack Crate February 2018 Subscription Box Review & $10 Coupon – Sweden

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Snack Crate is a monthly subscription that provides the most interesting snacks and features new and exciting places from around the globe. They offer three sizes of box: the $14 mini with 5 snacks, the $26 original box with 10-12 snacks, and the $49 premium box with 18-20 snacks.

We switched our box from the crazy gigantic premium box to the original box. I admit, I’m having some FOMO about it!

When you sign up, your first box will be from a country of your choice.  You have the option of adding a drink for $6, which I think is a pretty pricey option, and I passed.

The printed paper used to cover the contents of the box features different words for snacks in Swedish, as well as the flag!

There are also stickers that represent the different countries. I think these are so stinkin cute!

This month, we got snacks from Sweden!

The information leaflet features fun facts from the country.

It also lists all the snack items inside the box, which are also grouped into different box levels: Mini, Original, and Premium.

This month’s drink upgrade offering is Trocadero. I may end up changing my mind about the drink!

The box is full of treats!

Matbit means snack in Swedish!

It’s good that they also included the nutritional facts for each snack item.

Everything in this month’s box! There are lots of ’em!

OLW Grill ($) These crinkle cut potato chips are flavored with salt and onion.

They’re thin and crispy, a perfect pair for a cold glass of beer. They didn’t last long – they are fantastic chips!

Daim Candy Bar ($5.29) Formerly known  as Dajm instead of Daim, this snack contains crunchy almond caramel covered with rich milk chocolate. It’s a pretty well known Swedish treat and it’s just as good as the first time I tried it!

MarabouOreo ($9.50) This chocolate from Oreo is filled with luscious chocolate and creamy vanilla flavor.

The stick can be divided in 7 segments.

The bar itself is crunchy, while the cookies and cream filling is tasty. It’s best served frozen!

Bilar Original ($8) First created in 1953 in an attempt to produce marshmallows, these candies are so light and chewy, with each piece shaped like a car.

These candies comes in 3 different colors: white, light mint green, and pink. Their texture is so smooth and tender, truly addictive!

Cloetta Kex Chocolate ($7.98) It’s crispy wafer snack covered in delicious chocolate!

The wafer can be divided into 3 segments.

It’s sweet, crunchy, and definitely filling. It makes for a great afternoon snack, or even for dessert!

Malaco Björnar Sura ($) The packaging features a grumpy green bear! It contains gummy candies bursting with a sweet and sour flavor.

The gummy bears come in three colors: yellow, orange, and green. Love the natural coloring on them!

Dumle Snacks Original ($1.76) Foamed caramel, rice crisps, and milk chocolate make such a great chocolate bar!

The chocolate bar is crispy on the outside, but so soft on the inside!

The soft caramel filling has just the right sweetness.

Dubbel Nougat Marabou ($2.38) It’s a smooth and buttery double layered praline bar which contains almonds.

The light and soft nougat combined with a layer of of dark hazelnut nougat brings amazing flavor. This is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten from a box.

Malaco Gott & Blandat Super Sur ($4.99) A mixture of sour sugared fruit gummies. They are indeed “Super Sur!”

It comes in a variety of color and shapes such as bottles, capsules, keys, and many more. My kids really enjoyed eating these lip-puckering gummies!

Cloetta Tarragona ($3.99) This chocolate bar stands out because of its delicious mixture of hazelnuts and creamy milk chocolate.

The bar has “love cacao” engraved all over it. Best served chilled, it’s such a treat to have a whole hazelnut in every segment – and it was extremely high quality.

Malaco Djungelvrål Original ($5.99) These liquorice candies are packed with an extremely salty flavor.

If you’re a fan of salty liquorice, you’ll probably love this one. That may be only the Swedish. My husband eats absolutely everything, and this is the one food that he says he won’t ever eat again, so there’s that. It’s a traditional treat, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Swizzels Banana Skids ($0.28) It’s a chewy, stretchy taffy with the taste of real banana and toffee in every bite!

Just like last month, Snack Crate provided us a generous and amazing selection of food items. We liked all the Swedish snacks they sent, except for the liquorice which is really an acquired taste. Overall, it’s wonderful to get to know a certain country or place by trying out their food. This subscription is great for anyone who loves international snacks!

Are you getting this month’s Snack Crate

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