Scentbird Subscription Review & Coupon – April 2018

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Scentbird is a monthly perfume and fragrance decanting subscription. With Scentbird, you get a thirty-day supply of perfume every month – Scentbird takes authentic perfumes and decants them into travel sprayers. There are over 450 fragrances to choose from and Scentbird adds new ones every month! You can save when you purchase a multi-month subscription, or even arrange to receive perfume every other month. 

When you join you fill out a profile – including three of your favorite designer perfumes – then you make a wish list of perfumes you’d like to try. You’ll get a new sprayer every month, plus your first month includes a case to hold whatever perfume you’re currently using! You can add extra cases to an existing subscription for $12.95. Members receive a $15 credit each month against the purchase of a full-size bottle (note that this credit expires each month).

I picked the types of scents that I like along with a couple of specific fragrances and Scentbird gave me 12 suggestions, although I usually just choose on my own since my fragrance “likes” change frequently.

I received a card with my chosen scent listed. Scentbird used to send a card with the next month’s chosen scent (which I think should be a scratch and sniff card!) but I haven’t received a card like that in a while.

The back of the card listed the fragance notes and gave a description of the scent.

Scentbird has made a few changes. You can try up to 3 fragrances a month, in case you really need to build up your supply, or maybe you prefer one for the day, another for the evening, and another for your significant other. They also offer other options, such as a perfume, hand cream, and shower gel combo. Yep, Scentbird now offers an in-house line of body care items and candles!

Scentbird features a Perfume of the Month – for April it was Nest Black Tulip; for May it is Kenneth Cole for Her:

For Her features clean musks contrasted with the power of classic feminine florals. Intriguing top notes of elegant carrot seed, and mesmerizing peony transform into a translucent floral heart. Classic notes of jasmine, violet, blue cyclamen, and lily of the valley form a non-traditional, and edgy statement. Addictive skin musks heightened by a warm cocoon of sandalwood, ambrette and heliotrope keeps the edge sharp.

You can see all the previous Perfumes of the Month at the bottom of the Scent of the Month page. Note that if your wish list is empty you’ll get the scent of the month. You can now get on demand scents, but if you’re a subscriber it’s less expensive to get a new one each month and there’s something to be said about giving yourself time to enjoy your new fragrance for a while.

Your first month will include a little perfume vial case and velvet holder. Scentbird decants the perfume from the manufacturer’s bottle to a little glass vial that fits in the sprayer. The perfumes are 100% authentic and you’ll receive a .27 oz sprayer. A card comes with the vial demonstrating its use. You just twist it to spray!

I received a sample of Scentbird Melting Shower Scrub Mango & Kiwi and think that’s a great way to get people to try their new products. You can choose this instead of your monthly scent, increase the amount of products you get every month, or order it directly from Scentbird.

My scent was protected by a white cardboard tube. It is surprisingly good for keeping fragrance safe during shipping and refill instructions are on the back of the tube. I chose Commodity Nectar for April. I was especially drawn by the promised fragrance notes: orange blossom, neroli, and pomelo. We had citrus trees in my backyard growing up (even a pomelo tree!) and I always loved the scent of orange and other blossoms wafting in through the windows and was hoping it would remind me of those simpler days.

I still can’t decide if I love this scent or not. It reminds me more of sweet honeysuckle, which is a lovely scent, but much sweeter than I would want to wear regularly. I feel like this is something a young girl might wear. It had decent longevity. Nectar is considered a unisex scent but the Commodity White Collection tends to have light and airy scents and this smells very feminine.

You can click on each of the areas such as scent type or season to see how users have voted on a particular scent. Users said this was a floral scent with citrus and woody notes. I definitely think this is a sweet floral but I don’t think of it as a citrus scent. You can also click to find scents that are related, such as more orange blossoms or more florals.

I popped it in my flashy case and twisted it down. Now I just twist to open! New subscribers receive a sleek, reusable case (black for men, white for women) but other colors are available for an additional cost.

I have a confession to make: I love perfumes and can’t seem to get enough. I don’t have a signature scent but instead I like to wear whatever moves me and I can try a lot of different fragrances with my Scentbird subscription! Scentbird has a lot of brands to choose from, and they have been adding a lot of indie, niche brands lately, which I prefer to the usual department store designer fragrances. I also like that they are adding body care products so that this subscription can be personalized even further – they recently introduced lip balms. My fragrance this month is available in a purse size spray from Sephora for $26 for .33 ounce, while this was $14.95 for .27 ounce, so I really feel like I got a great value this month.

What’s in your Scentbird queue? Do you change your scent according to the season? Let me know what you’re wearing now in the comments!

Visit Scentbird to subscribe or find out more.


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