PetGiftBox March 2018 Cat Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon

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PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs or cats. A selection of toys, treats, chews and accessories are included based on your pet’s size. With each purchase you can earn points to redeem for free boxes and other great goodies. Plus, each purchase helps feed 10 rescue pets! PetGiftBox costs $25 for a monthly subscription, and you can also sign up for a full year or just buy a one-time box.

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I love that the sticker and wrapping paper clue me in to the theme!

Spring is in the air, and in this box!

Inside I found an assortment of kitty play things and a cat treat!

March’s box theme was Purrrfect Spring! There was some brief info on each item.

The back of the card mentioned the referral program and social media sites.

All the items in my March PetGiftBox!

Sunny almost always goes first when it comes to exploring boxes.

Here she is telling Zoey to get her own box.

Multi Pet Cat Toy Scratch Roller ($5.46) My cats loved this thing! It’s just like the scratch pads I have around the house, except it’s in a cylindrical shape and it has bells inside that jingle when it is rolled.

Zoey sniffed it a bit. It took a while before they figured out what it was for. I placed it in the living room near my feet when I was watching TV and they sniffed it and then grabbed it and then moved it around, all while scratching it like a kicker toy. It came with a little packet of catnip (which I haven’t opened) so if your cat seems uninterested you can try sprinkling it with the catnip and see if that helps.

Pet Greens Cat Craves In Salmon ($3.89) Here is a treat that was a hit with Sunny. Zoey rarely eats snacks but Sunny went crazy for these little bites.

Salmon is the first ingredient and additional fish oil provides Omega-3 for a shiny coat. These are like gummies for cats.

Sunny ate them right out of my hand.

Multi Pet Spring Mouse Fun Toy ($1.89) Here’s a little something for my cats to pounce upon. It has a feather for the tail and a pom-pom head.

Usually Zoey loves anything with a feather. I haven’t observed my cats playing with this yet so I may spray it with catnip spray and see if that helps them discover this toy.

Look at it’s funny little face!

Spot Fluttering Butterfly Mini Teaser Wand ($5.57) Butterflies and feathers together? Yes!

I just dragged it across the floor and Sunny pounced.

Zoey seemed content just to stare at it.

Spot Dura-Fused Leather Cat Toy ($5.30) This toy is a flat piece of leather, and I think the fact that it smells like leather is supposed to get a cat’s attention.

I’m not sure that my cats have played with this so far. I might try spraying it with catnip, too.

PetGiftBox sent a cute box and I love that it had a spring-time theme and featured butterflies (I love butterflies!). Sunny went crazy for her new treats, and both cats have played vigorously with the cardboard roller. The other items rounded out the box nicely, and I found it to have a value of around $22.11. That is just under the price paid for the box, but I would like to note that the spring mouse toy was only available in a multipack, and the shipping cost more than the toy!

Let me know what you think of this box in the comments!

Visit PetGiftBox to subscribe or find out more!


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