Papirmass March 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Papirmass is a monthly art print subscription. Each month, you’ll get an art print to satisfy your art and cultural curiosity – delivered right to your doorstep. You’ll never have trouble adding a new art print for your collection since Papirmass is the perfect way to discover new and upcoming great artists. It ships worldwide (with free shipping!) from Canada.

The prints are wrapped in custom-printed rigid mailers perfect to protect the print from awful weather. There’s also an invitation to share your personalized print display on social media.

This month’s artist is Lauren Tepfer. She currently lives in New York City while photographing images that are honest and true to her creative style. According to Lauren Tepfer, the best part of being an artist is being able to share her vulnerability with the world in beautiful ways.

This postcard is a digital photo of the artist’s brother running on the beach. I love that there is a story with this print. It looks like the boy could run into the mist forever. There is a hopefulness in the grainyness of this picture. I can’t express how much I like this photo.

Unless you can get up close and personal with this photo, it’s hard to see all the fine details. The clouds billowing over the tree tops is enchanting. It takes a few minutes for the eyes to see the simple house in the background. It’s both breath taking and eerie, it’s fantastic.

Moon pictures are awesome mostly because I have never been able to get a photo of the moon to come out perfect. This phone not only showcases the moon but makes the sky pop. Lauren said this was one of the first times she explored this inspiration.

The title of this one is “Collingswood.” I love how different things can look at night and that this one is awesome. I love the story that goes along with this photo and how her artist intuition made her turn around the car for this picture.

I think it’s necessary to let kids get bored once in a while – that’s how they learn to be creative.

~Kim Raver

The quote card is  my favorite part of this subscription, it’s amazing how it always drives a point into my home life. We have been talking about technology taking over our lives and squashing our creativity. My daughter is planning on babysitting all summer long and I plan on making this quote card her motto.

Papirmass brings new artists and their best pieces to my door every month. This has been one of my favorite subscriptions to date. I cannot say enough great things about Lauren Tepfer and her eye for great pictures. I couldn’t even think about sending these postcards because each one brings buckets of joy to my world. Papirmass is a great surprise every month and it’s always a dinner table topic for my family. Great art and a good conversation… that’s a win!

What did you think of this month’s prints from Papirmass?

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