DC Legion of Collectors March 2018 Subscription Box Review

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DC Legion of Collectors is an incredible bi-monthly subscription box that includes 100% exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl, apparel, accessories, collectibles and more from Funko & DC Comics. Everything inside is 100% exclusive to the box and designed in collaboration with Funko! Funko also produces the Marvel Collector Corps BoxSmuggler’s Bounty, and the Happiest Subscription Box on Earth, Disney Treasures!

This is the review of their last box. All Funko subscriptions are ending, and transitioning to a retail product. Still no word on where we’ll find this box!

This month’s theme is GREEN LANTERN!

Everything in the box!

Green Lantern T-Shirt. This black shirt features three known characters who donned the suit and portrayed the hero (L-R): John Stewart, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.

I’m really fond of black and green combinations, they go great together! Hal Jordan is the most recognizable GL, and when he stopped for a while, he was replaced by John Stewart, who is known in the Justice League animation. Guy Gardner also served as the backup lantern for Hal Jordan, until he met an accident.

This non-funkofied version makes a really great shirt!

Green Lantern Lantern-Shaped Stress Ball. What else can represent GL accurately? Of course, the Lantern! Popularly known as the Green Lantern Power Battery, this icon is included to relieve your stress!

The power battery is used to power up the GL rings (or Power rings), which holds much of the hero’s super powers and abilities. Squish Squish!

Hal Jordan & Sinestro Pint Size Heroes 2-Pack. We all know that Hal Jordan is the most popular, or well-known Green Lantern, while Sinestro is his archenemy. These pint size figures are really cute! I can already see them taken out of the package and clashing!

Hal Jordan is in his Green Lantern suit and mask. Meanwhile, Sinestro is pink and wearing his Yellow Lantern suit.

The details are really cute!

Harold “Hal” Jordan is the Silver Age Green Lantern. There were two qualified Green Lanterns at the time he got the ring, as he was at a closer proximity to Abin Sur, the alien one who gave him the ring, than the other possible candidate Guy Gardner.

The two are about to clash at this moment!

Thaal Sinestro was once a great member of the Green Lantern Corps, before becoming the greatest villain to Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern. He was corrupted by his power and exiled for crimes against his own people, then he seeks to impose his own order and control onto the universe, having the yellow power ring to fight against the green one.

Ch’p, Guy Gardner & Kilowog Pop! 3-Pack. A first from Funko’s POP! figures is this three-pack Green Lantern set! It features 3 characters: Ch’p, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog!

We are so thrilled to get three in a box!

First up is the GL costumed Ch’p. He is another member of the GL Corps, and he is a rodent, I guess he’s a squirrel… Or a chipmunk.

He was the Green Lantern of Sector 1014, selected by the Guardians of the Universe. Look at that cute tail!

Guy Joseph Gardner is a red-haired guy who is a top member of the GL Corps. He was once a back-up lantern (to Hal Jordan), before returning to declare himself as the leader of the GL Corps, and battled with the other lanterns to prove supremacy.

We can see that his costume is quite different from the other lanterns. Unlike the others who wear body-hugging suits of black and green, this one looks like a collared top. Still, it bears the power ring design at the center.

Kilowog is a geneticist from Planet Bolovax Vik, and he was chosen to become a member of the GL Corps, after their previous lantern Branwilla died. Like the other lanterns, he is wearing the same suit, and the green power ring.

Aside from being a genetics expert, he is also a tech guy!

I’m glad to get three of the Lanterns! They all look awesome!

This is the last box from the subscription! It’s quite sad that it has to end but we’re glad to get lots of figures from the final curation, especially the first three-pack POP! DC Legion of Collectors did a great job with their last box, as they still lived up to their promise of high-quality geeky items. We’ll miss this geeky subscription, but we’re also looking forward to the retail product they’ll be launching soon!

What are your thoughts on this subscription ending? Will you be going to the store to purchase a not-so-mystery box?


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