Zamplebox E-Juice February 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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ZampleBox is a monthly e-juice/vaping subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 3 ($23.99), 6 ($33.99), or 11 ($53.99) premium, American-made e-liquid bottles. Zamplebox has a ton of juice preference features that allow them to deliver a box that is customized to your taste preferences.

This is a review of the 11 bottle $53.99 per month box.

All ZampleBox Memberships now include ZB Wholesale ($9.99/month value) for FREE! You’ll get access to special member-only vape deals as well as the wholesale shop.

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A rating card is included alongside the E-juices. Place your top 3 favorite juices, send it to Zample box, and have a chance to be featured!

Be prepared and switch your vape mode on!

Another card with the logo of Zample Box is included…

…and it contains a list of juices in your box for the month of February.

Each container has its own case inside the box, to make sure it will always stay in place.

Everything in my box!

Ramune Pop In Pop Berry ($12) Flavors: fruit, soda, berry, and strawberry

This e-juice was inspired by the strawberry-flavored carbonated soda from Japan.

It has a high vapor production, but a low throat hit. You might like it if you’re a fan of anything strawberry.

Heavy Cream Bananas & Cream ($20) Flavors: cream, banana, and fruit

Banana and cream is a wonderful combination, not just in desserts but also in this e-juice. It has a low throat hit and a good cloud production.

Space Jam Meteor Milk ($16) Flavors: dessert, cream, syrup, ice cream, and strawberry

The strawberry syrup is the star of this e-juice, but the subtle notes of whip cream and marshmallow was also interesting. It is definitely out of this world!

Dr. Fog’s Famous Ice Cream In Rigel ($10.97) Flavors: churro, dessert, cream, praline, and ice cream

This juice has an initial taste of chocolate-covered churro. Every inhale provides a kick of praline, and cinnamon sugar on the exhale.

Slush Straw-Melon ($16) Flavors: fruit, slushy, melon, watermelon, strawberry, candy, and sour

It’s a fruity blend of strawberries and watermelon, which tastes just like a tropical drink. The flavor is for anyone looking for a refreshing yet satisfying vape.

Marina Vape Milkshake Man Blueberry ($20) Flavors: cream, blueberry, dessert, milk, and milkshake

Blueberry and milkshake are both great desserts, but these flavors in a vape juice? Well, the result is pretty amazing! It provides a smooth sensation and it feels like eating dessert while vaping.

Stunna Cash Money ($18) Flavors: dessert, cheesecake, brown sugar, custard, vanilla, and bourbon

The combination of bourbon, vanilla, brown sugar, and smooth custard in this vape juice is such a classic. It’s a sophisticated flavor, with the inhale dominated by vanilla.

Victory Liquid In Sunburst ($21) Flavors: peach, tangerine, fruit, cream, marshmallow, and citrus

This one provides a strong creamy peach flavor in every inhale and an enticing tangerine exhale. It’s a great fruit-flavored vape!

The Chubby Baker Strawnana ($17) Flavors: fruit, cream, banana, and strawberry

Strawberry + banana = strawnana! This e-juice is imbued with nicotine salts to provide a higher and longer absorption rate. It’s another smooth and easy dessert-like blend.

Decoded DaVinci Code ($17.97) Flavors: dessert, cream, and pecan

This flavor brings a hint of caramel pecan notes on the inhale, then leaves your mouth with a warm buttery taste on the exhale. It’s a very tasty e-juice, yet not overpowering.

ZB Vape Cake Ice Cream ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, praline, vanilla, cake, and ice cream

Cake and ice cream sounds enticing. It’s creamy and rich, with a high vapor production. You’ll probably love it if you’re into sweet e-juices.

It’s also great for hard vapers and for those looking for a thrilling taste.

Zample Box is an excellent way of learning new vape flavors, which is useful especially for vaping newbies and a great experiment for veteran vapers. They present different brands of famed juices so there’s a good variety, including award-winning ones. The boxes are also customized depending on your taste preferences, so you’re less likely to receive a flavor you won’t like. Also, it’s a lot cheaper compared to buying e-juices separately from different sellers!

Are you getting this month’s Zamplebox?

Visit Zample Box to subscribe or find out more!


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