Whiskerbox February 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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WhiskerBox is a themed monthly cat subscription box that features artisanal luxury items for your kitty. Four to six premium items are included which can be “stylish apparel, stimulating toys, scrumptious treats, and one-of-a-kind treasures from around the world.” Discerning felines with dietary needs can opt for non-edible items. A short profile is filled out at checkout including cat’s name, gender, weight, and if treats are to be included. WhiskerBox supports shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries with each box purchased. The luxury kitty box ships free to the United States and Canada.

WhiskerBox items are tested by feline lifestyle experts. Smokey, the head feline lifestyle expert, was a stray rescued by his humans at eight weeks old. My kitties think that is a cool job.

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WhiskerBox sends toys, cat couture, treats, and specialty products each month.

My items were wrapped in tissue paper and had a sticker closure.

First look!

A couple of the items were wrapped in bags, so it’s like opening a present; even if it’s not for me, I still like unwrapping presents!

Everything in the box! This box ships from Canada and everything arrived in perfect condition.

The February theme was Purrfect Together. My cats names were even listed on the card! I love a personal touch!

The Meow Menu is a cute information card set up as a menu. The prices reflect retail plus shipping because WhiskerBox includes products not available in local shops. The “Style” item now says it’s personalized to each box, yet supposedly they will all have a value of $35, at least according to the card!

Of course, I wanted to open the presents first. For the cats.

I didn’t know what this was at first since it wasn’t labeled. It wasn’t until I went to do the review that I discovered this item and the two Friskies treats shown below are sold together as a set called Friskies Pull ‘n Play and depending on the site you purchase it from it can cost around $5.89 (Target) or $12.45 (Amazon Prime). Anyways, I didn’t understand the significance of the holes in this over-sized Weeble Wobble until after I took the pictures. For the record, the toy itself is called Wobbert.

See the holes? I was supposed to put the string cheese-like snack inside and it was supposed to poke out of the ears!

I was smart enough to know that treats could go in the bigger hole. Sunny wasn’t really able to figure out how to get the snack out but I found Zoey playing with it later and she knew exactly what to do.

Purina Friskies Party Mix Original was part of the pack and I think I’ve found a new favorite for my cats! Chicken, liver, and turkey are featured in here.

They looked like standard kibble.

Zoey rarely eats treats but she was crazy for these!

Purina Friskies Pull ‘N Play ($1.44) looks a little like string cheese and indeed it has pieces you can pull off and use to tease your cat before feeding it to them as a snack.

It’s not as soft as cheese but it is kind of pliable.

Zoey came in for a closer look.

She sniffed it but since treats are not her favorite she walked away without even licking it.

Sunny had no problem licking it and liked batting at it too. She didn’t try to eat it though, or maybe she just couldn’t figure out how to do that.

Cat Couture Personalized Cat Apparel ($35 according to the card) I found the same collar here (you can add a matching bow too), however, it is listed as a collar for dogs.

Every few months the cat costume is a beautiful collar with a matching bow tie. Unfortunately, the buckle is almost always heavy and more appropriate for a dog. I can totally see a chihuahua rocking this set. My cats spend time outdoors and need a breakaway collar, while this collar is meant to hold fast when taking Bruiser for a walk so he won’t escape.

The print is lovely for spring, with coral, blue, black, white, and gold triangles.

Zoey is the more patient of my cats and she let me place the collar around her neck. I would suggest leaving it on when your cat is in the house and maybe to dress him or her up when guests are coming, but I don’t think I would want my cat to wear such a heavy collar for long.

Zuke’s Natural Purrz Tender Chicken Recipe ($9.14) are made with chicken, cranberries, and fish oil, plus barley and rice.

They are shaped like little z’s.

Sunny liked these and I like that they don’t have fake color added.

All For Paws Best Friends Vintage Cat Toy ($15 according to the card) has a cute cat and a fish bone in a vibrant print pattern on one side and bright orange on the other. They are filled with catnip.

Sunny was very interested in sniffing this toy.

Zoey usually likes catnip toys but stayed away.

See that weird face Sunny is making? Cats have a special gland that helps them smell things, and it’s in their mouth. The only time I see Sunny make this face is when she smells something marked by another a cat (or when she sniffs Zoey’s butt – sometimes cats are gross). They wouldn’t play with the toys at all.

WhiskerBox is a good box to get if you like to dress up your cat and feed them delicious snacks. They also send toys that my cats usually like to play with. They loved Wobbert and keep going back for more treats. I figured out how to get the cheese strings through the ears but they aren’t fans of that stuff, even when I broke a piece off and tried to feed it to them like a treat. They loved the other two treats and the collar looked cute and was of very nice quality.

What do you think of the February WhiskerBox? Let me know in the comments!

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WhiskerBox understands the needs of your cat because every single item is pawpicked by cats themselves.

Each WhiskerBox features stylish outfits, lifelike toys, and delectable treats, that can be personalized to your cat.

WhiskerBox is dedicated to improving cats lives nationwide. With every WhiskerBox purchased, catstomers directly support shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries.

Ships From US/CA to US/CA/UK/AUS/WW.
Shipping Free Shipping to the US, Canada, $15 International
99 per month

Get 10% off for life! Use coupon code HELLO10.


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