VetPet Box Young Kitten Welcome Box Subscription Box Review

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VetPet Box Cat & Kitten is a wellness service that offers dog and cat boxes curated by veterinarians and their pets. Expect to receive high-quality toys, treats, wellness products, and educational materials. You can customize the cat box by selecting single or multiple cat, allergies (if any), and opt to fill out an extended questionnaire. VetPet Box also gives back annually a portion of the profits to nonprofit organizations.

The inside cover has a short letter from the VetPet Box Team.


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VetPetBox offers a kitten welcome box for kitties under six months of age. This box is the same VetPetBox Kitten Box that is sold in veterinary clinics.

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  • Please only select “Yes” if your kitten is less than 6 months old and you have not already received a VetPet Kitten Pack from your veterinarian.

Select “Yes” on Step 2 if you want to receive the Kitten Welcome Box.

We can’t wait to see what is in the box for the kitten!

The products, description and prices are listed on the information card. The wellness topic is getting kitten started off on the right “paw.”

Here are the items in the VetPet Box Kitten Pack. The toys proved to be irresistible to our kitties who wanted to play with them right away. Future boxes will fall into the current rotation of topics determined by the vets based on your cat’s profile and time of year.

Sheba, our six-month-old kitten, will be our reviewer. Both her parents are feral cats.

The VetPetBox Kitten Book ($15.99) is full of useful information about kitten ownership. J, age 9, enjoyed reading the book.

The book is well-organized. The tabs made it easy to find a section.

The information is presented in a clear and concise manner. We will be using it again because there are usually a few friendly kittens that show up at the farm each year.

The Made in the USA Nutrisentials Lean Treats (3.5 oz, 2.99 Information Card, $1.99 Chewy) has chicken livers as its first ingredient. Each treat is only 3 calories. I need treats like that for me!

Sheba and her best bud, Phoenix, found them to be irresistible. Notice how Phoenix is holding onto the Hemp Mouse? It was his favorite toy from the box.

J decided to hang the Patchwork Pet Floral Teal Hanging Scratcher ($11.99 on information card) on his door knob for Sheba to enjoy. The 20″ cat scratcher was enjoyed by all the kitties.

She did scratch on it for a minute and then decided to roll around on it with her hemp mouse.

I am happy to see a From the Field Kitty toy because the cats go crazy over them when I buy them at the local pet health store. The Made-in-USA Shelby the Long Tail Hemp Mouse ($9.00 Information Card, $10.94 Amazon) has a four foot long tail and a hemp mouse shape body that is full of organic USA catnip. The durable toy held up to multiple cats playing with it.

Phoenix, almost 1, could not wait to start playing with it. I love that VetPetBox features some of my favorite cat brands.

The Made in Germany Welli Fish by Bavarian Cat Toys ($6.99) is another toy beloved by all cats. Garfield is sleeping with it as I type the review. The adorable kitty toy is filled with German valerian root & spelt, lavender and anise.

Sheba is a happy kitty as she cuddles with the fish.

Good oral hygiene is important. The Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats ($14.99) encourages good hygiene from the beginning. I’ve discovered that it is much easier to start brushing their teeth when they are babies instead of trying it in their later years.

It comes with a small toothbrush, a finger brush, and seafood toothbrush. We received this in the same month that my sister’s ten-year-old cat had a tooth removed which was expensive. We will be brushing those cute little kitten teeth!

We received important educational material about poisons and information about Petplan.

Being aware of potential poisons and knowing what to do if a pet is poisoned are things that all pet owners need to know.

Education is an important component of the VetPetBox.

Ready for more cute kitten pictures?

Sheba is resting on the Welli Fish while watching me.

So much cuteness!

Time to chew on the hemp rope!

Am I cute or what?

Phoenix, almost one-year-old, decided to play too.

We love to play together and cause trouble!

We loved the Under Six Months Kitten Welcome Pack! We raised quite a few kittens because of owning a farm where feral cats roam. Everyone agreed that the items in the box made for an excellent new kitten pack. The information provided is essential to being a great kitty parent. The booklet, scratcher and oral hygiene kit helped us instill good habits into Sheba although her feral side is strong! The toys are the same type of toys that I buy at my local health pet store. All our kitties loved the toys. The kitties loved having delicious chicken flavored treats.

The value of the box is $61.95 and includes free shipping to the contiguous 48 states. This value does not include the value that the vet-authored material and additional educational material brings to the box. It’s an excellent introductory box for new kitten owners and parents that are seeking wellness, toys, education, and treats from a vet’s perspective and their pets.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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