Urthbox Subscription Box Review + Coupon – November 2017

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UrthBox is a healthy food subscription box. In this monthly box you get snacks, beverages, and other goodies with a focus on Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural items. Choose between classic, diet, vegan, and gluten-free, as well as between four sizes of box.

This is a review of the Small Classic UrthBox (12+ snacks).

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Instead of a product information summary, the card insert provides details on how to earn a free bonus box. Use your social media accounts to earn big discounts.

Everything in the November UrthBox!

GF Harvest Oatmeal | Go Pack – Sweet Cinnamon & Golden Raisins ($2.39): Certified gluten free, these oats come in a collapsible, waterproof container (which doubles as a serving bowl) and are perfect for on-the-go eating. They are sweetened with Sucanat and honey and have a touch of cinnamon and vanilla bean. My dad grabbed this for breakfast as was surprised by how well the oats cooked up in the microwave, and that he didn’t have to add anything to them. His comments were that “they were perfectly seasoned and had a great texture. I’d buy those again!” Coming from my dad, that’s high praise.

Laura’s Lean Beef | Organic Original Beef Jerky ($2.00): This beef jerky comes from Certified Organic beef cattle that is raised by humane standards required by the National Organic Program. I thought this had good flavor, and I loved that the larger bite-sized pieces were tender (but not overly chewy).

Pederson’s Natural Farms | Uncured No Sugar Buckin’ Bacon ($1.83): OMG! This was so good. The snack pack has two strips of fully cooked lean bacon that comes from the center of the pork shoulder. The bacon wasn’t overly salty and had a nice meaty texture. As a huge bacon lover, I could honestly eat a ton of these. #baconlover #notsorry #baconmakeseverythingbetter

Good Day Chocolate | Calm Supplement ($3.00): These chocolate pieces contain L-Theanine, an amino acid found in herbal teas, which helps to calm and relax. Two to four pieces of chocolate helps to keep stress at bay for the day without making you feel groggy. Chocolate is usually a comfort item for me, so combining it with another anxiety relieving ingredient is genius to me. I don’t get stressed very often, but I plan to keep these at work just in case something comes up.

EBOOST | Energy + Vitamins Supplement Powder ($1.40): I wasn’t able to find this exact formula on EBOOST’s website, but I did link to a similar item from them. Maybe strawberry kiwi wasn’t a popular flavor?!? Anyway, this effervescent powder uses caffeine from green tea and green coffee beans to give you an energy boost. It also contains electrolytes and antioxidants for an added health benefit.

PopChips | Potato – Barbeque ($1.49): Unlike regular chips, these are heated in a pressurized chamber for a lighter, almost puffed, texture. They are not greasy and a healthier alternative. Plus, I liked the barbecue flavor. However, when you want a greasy comfort junk snack, these are not the same as an old school chip – good effort, though.

JollyOak | Super Grain Oat Crunchers – Oatmeal Cookie ($0.90): This granola is baked with KAMUT® ancient grains, which are rich in protein and fiber. It is sweetened with honey and turbinado sugar, and the granola really does taste like an oatmeal cookie. I added this to my morning bowl of oatmeal for a dose of sweetness and texture.

Freedom Foods | Tropico’s Snackers ($0.42): Tropico’s are a healthy snack for kids of all ages, but particularly for those with food allergies. The gluten-free flour mix consists of rice, whole grain sorghum, and non-GMO corn flour. The fun colors for the O’s come from natural sources such as gardenia flower and sweet potato extracts.

Don Pablo | Subtle Earth Organic Coffee ($4.00?): This is a rich coffee with a slight chocolate-caramel flavor. It makes sense; the description states the flavor is, “Smooth milk chocolate with notes of honey, caramel and cocoa.” It is 100% Arabica and grown in the Marcala region of Honduras. Unfortunately, there is nothing to indicate the roast or amount of coffee I received. Based on what I brewed, I feel this is a medium roast, and there was enough to brew a standard carafe of 12 6 oz. cups.

Kodiak Cakes | Buttermilk Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix ($1.13): This mix takes the traditional flapjack recipe and adds an extra helping of protein. The Power Cakes mix is comprised of 100% whole grain wheat and oat flours along with sweet buttermilk. I am a fan of Kodiak Cakes’ Flapjack Cups and Minute Muffins, so I was excited to get this in my box. It didn’t disappoint!

Healthy Times | Organic Maple Arrowroot Cookies ($3.99): I gave this box to my 2 1/2 year old nephew. I’m not sure what his thoughts were on the cookie, but he didn’t really dig into them (and he eats nearly EVERYTHING). I think he has outgrown these as they are targeted more for newer solid food eaters. These cookies are free of palm oil, soy, and artificial color, flavors, or preservatives.

Minute Mixology | Cocktails to Go – Mule ($0.75): Minute Mixology has taken all of the effort of creating some of your favorite specialty drinks. Their cocktail mixers are all natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with real ingredients. This single serve packet contains a recipe using natural lime, ginger, and ginger beer flavors. Just add your favorite vodka and enjoy!

ALO | Enliven Fruit & Vegetable Aloe Vera Juice Drink ($2.55): This drink contains a blend of 12 fruit and veggie juices. I was a little leery of this. Don’t get me wrong, I love aloe juice… I just don’t always love fruit and vegetable juice combos. I’m so glad that I tried this. It was delicious – not much of an earthy veggie taste, but a lot of sweet fruity goodness.

veggicopia | Tasty Green Pitted Olives ($1.33): This 50-calorie portion is packed with flavor. These olives are processed with only olive oil and sea salt (no pimento, yay!). They have a nice, firm texture and made me very happy.

The November UrthBox contained about $27 of product. Again, this is just below the cost of a single month’s delivery. However, it does exceed the cost if you opt for a 3 or 6 month subscription. I was very happy with the assortment of food in this curation. I mean, two meat snacks in a box is unheard of (especially if one is bacon). I was also surprised by the inclusion of 2 items geared specifically at children. Although I don’t have children of my own, I am an aunt to several and like to have snacks at the ready for them, so these will get added to the snack bowl for them.

What did you think of this month’s box? Any favorite items? Let me know with a comment below, and happy snacking.

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