The Nocturnal Reader’s Box Limited Edition Stephen King Box Spoilers + Coupon!

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The Nocturnal Reader’s Box is releasing a limited edition Stephen King Box this summer. Pre-order will start in a week or two, and will open early for active April and May subscribers. Inactive subscribers and the general public will have access to the pre-order link two days after the current subscribers.

Here’s more detailed info:

Active subscribers for April/May will get an early link to preorder. To be clear, our active subscriber list is more than the total size of this print run. So if everyone decided to get one, we will sell out before non-active/past customers, and general public get a chance.

The non-active/past customers will get a separate link two days after given that there are still some remaining, and a few hours after that, the general public will get notice through social media.

We feel like, being a subscription company, this is only fair to give our subscribers a better chance to get their copy before it sells out. 

Now, spoilers!

We are running 2,000 for this printing which will be a limited edition, it will be a beautiful hardcover with an intricate foil design on the boards. Our artist for the dust jacket is currently working on something for us to preview soon. It is a NRB Special Edition. We are working on the final price still, and once we get the green light we will let you know but expect $60-75 for the box. It will include a t-shirt also designed by the cover artist, and another goody we won’t say just yet. It’s not a full monthly box, but trust me, it will be a hot commodity! It will be limited to one per customer on the initial order, but if there are any left by the time we get to general public, you will be free to checkout with however many. We are still working out the contract, but there is likely going to be a small quantity signed.

With the signed books, there will be a separate link to purchase a guaranteed signed copy (50% of the total signed), with the rest being randomized in the total run.

? One of our favorite parts of the horror book community is finding and collecting new and unique editions of our favorite books. We got this French set of It for a friend to add to his collection. I guess it’s not really new and unique if you live in France… Anyway, who’s ready for another installment of Stephen King NRB?! Coming to a mailbox near you this summer! .

Are we going to see any of those lapel pins in the Stephen King Box? We’ll see this summer!

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