The Collectors Case February 2018 Subscription Box Review

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The Collectors Case is a geeky subscription box shipping from Canada. This box is unique because you have a chance to receive a mystery POP Vinyl or a celebrity autograph in your monthly box. If you want to guarantee that you’ll receive them  you can upgrade to the “Sure Thing” case to make sure they are yours. Every month has a new geeky theme.

The production of this box is top notch – the branded kraft paper is thick and smooth, and looks so professional!

The info card looks like a case folder on the outside.

Inside, it includes a photo and a brief description of all the items you’ll receive. You also have a chance to receive a bonus Pop vinyl or an autograph. The Sure Thing version of the box guarantees an autograph.

Come March, the Collector’s Case will feature Daredevil!

Everything in my February box!

Signed Autograph From Caleb McLaughlin. Not everyone will get this, as it comes in random boxes (score!). Caleb McLaughlin plays the role of Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix popular series Stranger Things.

There’s even a certificate that comes with the signed photo, so it’s legit! It even tells where and when did he sign it up. I’ve only been reviewing this box a few months and this is the first bonus random item I received – it’s not because I’m a reviewer, they just pack them up randomly. I was pretty excited when I realized I’d won (I basically never get chase items etc.)!

Beckett Non-Sport Magazine. Beckett Media is the leading publisher of sports and specialty market collectible platforms in the U.S., and included in this box is their Non-Sport edition, the perfect mag for trading card fans!

The cover features Rick and Morty, the titular characters of an adult animated comedy series.

There are lots of articles to feed your curiosity about trading cards!

An article about Rick and Morty finally having trading cards is one of the features on this mag.

The pages are glossy and the prints are of high quality.

There’s even a collector’s guide for trading card enthusiasts!

Included are some promo cards, and tells about the releases of the trading card sets of Rick and Morty, and Star Trek.

They are great prints and I know, the actual trading cards will have qualities and prints as good as these ones.

There’s even an ad for comic sleeves that can be used to store autographs (I just thought this was useful info!).  Although I’m not super big into trading cards I enjoyed dipping my toes into the waters with this one – it gave me a better insight into this specialty collecting world!

Pluggz Designer Shoe Charm. We received two sets of shoe charms for Crocs. One set is animal-themed, while the other has girly designs.

The black base easily snaps and stays in place. We love that there’s a variety of design for the kids, and even us adults can use. If you wear Crocs, that is! It was a little bit of an odd item, but maybe a good Easter basket stuffer.

World’s Smallest Polaroid Camera Keychain. It’s the replica of Polaroid Supercolor 1000 (Land Camera 1000), which was turned into a cute keychain!

It features a plastic lens, fixed focus and an exposure compensation dial knob, and the Q-flash.

It has mini trigger snaps with swivel at both ends, connected by a heavy curb chain.

It’s the best selling camera of the 70s. I love how this replica looks so well like the real thing – you can even see through the viewfinder!

It also has a clickable red shutter button and a simulated film that comes out in front. So cool and retro!

Funko Mystery Minis Stranger Things. Blind packs and mystery boxes always excite us whenever we get one. This one’s Stranger Things themed, and we totally love that series, so it’s double the excitement!

The black package had me and the kids on the edge of our seats!

We’re happy it’s not a demogorgon! It’s Eleven, disguised in a blonde wig and a pink dress, when they’re trying to find Will and the boys brought her to the Hawkins Middle.

The outfit was borrowed from Nancy Wheeler. I love the details of this figure!

The mystery box has lots of figure varieties. It’s a great start for a Stranger Things Funko minis figure collection.

Titans Vinyl Figure. There’s another surprise vinyl figure is in the box and it’s all about the 1979 sci-fi horror movie, Alien.

Unlike the Stranger Things figure, this one comes in a printed blind pack.

It’s the Nostromo collection and, out of 12 characters, we got Ash.

He is from the Synthetic species, which are actually androids or “Artificial Persons.”

As a sleeper agent, he joins the Nostromo crew to ensure that the Xenomorph was returned to their company, for study and use in their bio-weapons division.

It may be a chibi figure, but it actually captures Ash as an advanced synthetic who’s capable of mimicking human emotions and mannerisms! Since I have a little Titans Alien collection, this goes perfectly!

Eleven T-Shirt. The yellow shirt features a waffle, Eleven’s favorite! It has “011” at the center of the food and below is her famous quote, “friends don’t lie.” GREAT shirt!

Funko Pop Hopper Stranger Things Vinyl Figure. Subscribers will get 1 out of 5 possible POPs from Stranger Things. We got Hopper! Though it’s not a chase edition, the figure still looks cool!

Hopper is Chief of Police in the small, sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana, where he lives out a carefree existence – yet he is haunted by a troubled past. After the young son of an old friend disappears into thin air, Hopper’s life becomes infinitely more complicated. As many events unfolded, he came to know about Eleven, a young girl, who was experimented upon by Hawkins Lab for her inherited abilities. However, in order to save Will, he had to give up her location, a decision he regretted.

Aside from Hopper, the other available characters are Eleven (in a hospital gown), Jonathan, Nancy, and Dr. Brenner.

As a chief sheriff, Hopper is wearing a buttoned-down brown long shirt with the US flag stitched at the right arm, brown sheriff trousers with belt, and black shoes.

He’s even wearing a brown campaign hat while holding his coffee and doughnut. It’s really impressive how Hopper’s personality and character is shown in this figure.

Funko Vinyl Idolz Seinfeld Soup Nazi. The Vinyl Idolz featured figure for this month is from the 116th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

The Soup Nazi, or the eponymous character Yev Kassem, is the figure we got from the 90s show.

He is a stone-faced immigrant chef with a thick Stalin-esque moustache, who is known throughout Manhattan for his soups. He is meticulous as he wants his customers to follow his strict queuing, ordering, and payment policies. If not…

No soup for you!

…where the customer is refunded and denied of his/her order. Such a disciplinarian.

The figure dons his white chef uniform while holding a ladle on his right hand, and his left hand raised. I think that hand gesture, if not pinpointing, means to focus.

The figure is actually detailed to look like the actor who played the part, Larry Thomas.

Even the back shows impressive detailing on the known soup master.

The box also contains a brief description about the featured figure.

So if you want to get your order and have a taste of his masterpieces, better follow his strict instructions, or NO SOUP FOR YOU.

The Collector’s Case is always filled with geeky stuff from the best and most popular franchises. This month’s box includes lots of figures – a total of four! Everything is of high-quality and there’s always an awesome variety that satisfies the geek in all of us! I love the replica Polaroid keychain, and every single Stranger Things item they sent! The rest are also fun, and we’re happy to add them to our geeky collection. Can’t wait for next month’s Daredevil!

What do you think of this month’s The Collectors Case?

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