Stickii Club February 2018 Subscription Box Review – Cute Pack!

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Stickii Club is a monthly sticker subscription. This subscription is $10 dollars a month, and you get an envelope full of sticker sheets, sticker flakes, and sometimes an extra stationary item, like washi tape samples or custom-shaped paperclips. The envelope is bright and fun, it’s hard not to get overly excited when this arrives.

February theme is Slumber Party.

There are 3 choices for this subscription – cute, retro, or pop (or all 3!). We got the cute package and it is just that, adorable and cute. It’s also super kid-friendly and I love that!

All the stickers! They promise 5 or more sticker sheets, and there are usually more than promised! Way more!

Stickiistorage is a single plastic sleeve with 3 compartments and 6 ring holes at the side. This is an amazing new addition to the Stickii subscription!

On to the stickers! We received a bunch of individually-cut stickers placed in a clear plastic envelope.

These stickers are so girly. There’s a heart, a pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, a lipstick with the word love, a compact mirror, a cat mask, and a diamond!

We also received sticker sheets featuring food items! One sheet is full of colorful candies and lollipops, while the other is all about sweet pastries and baked goodies.


Meanwhile, two sticker sheets were dedicated to cats. The one on the left features fluffy felines, while the other one features dressed up cats. How adorable! The one on the right is my favorite.

These cute nail polish stickers are great for planners. You can use it to remind you of your nail salon appointments.

Stationery were also included in this month’s package. They are two checklist pads, one is blue and the other is pink. There’s also a larger sticker of a strawberry layered cake. These are also perfect for journaling and planning!

It’s time for a slumber party with these fun stickers featuring two bears doing different activities during their sleepover.

I really like this new addition to the subscription box! Stickiistorage is a great way to keep the stickers organized.

My daughter and I loved this month’s sticker collection from Stickii Club! Everything was cute, and can be used for various purposes like for journaling, marking planners, and even for decorating projects. We’re also happy about the addition of the checklists! Whether you’re a sticker collector or you just need a dose of cuteness in your mail once a month, Stickii is a fun subscription to try. They always come up with the most adorable themes!

Let us know what you think of this month’s Stickii box!

Visit stickii to subscribe or find out more!


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